These Tarrant County, TX, Homeowners Increase Their Outdoor Living Enjoyment!

If you love all things “outdoor living,” yet you have a small porch or patio, are you thinking about an upgrade? An expansion, perhaps? What about adding a roof over part of your patio for reliable shade? An outdoor kitchen? An outdoor fireplace? This stunning, multi-faceted project we designed and built for our clients in Tarrant County, TX, is sure to provide inspiration.

Interior of new covered patio by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake

At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we focus on increasing the outdoor living enjoyment potential at your Dallas or Southlake area home. The more your outdoor spaces are customized to meet your needs, the greater the enjoyment potential those spaces offer you. That’s exactly what these Tarrant County homeowners were searching for when they called us in to improve their patio area.

Who is Your Tarrant County TX Covered Patio Builder?

These homeowners had a builder-grade covered patio at the back of their home, but it wasn’t large enough for them to do very much with. They only had room for a grill, a couple of chairs and a small table. They were reluctant to have people over for outdoor meals and such because there just wasn’t room on the patio. Even though the patio had a roof cover, during certain times of day the roof didn’t even shade the area. Our clients wanted more room to move around and versatility in their outdoor living space. A lot more!


All great covered patios feature a stunning patio surface. We replaced the original patio with one considerably larger and finished it with an attractive stain-and-stamp surface. For this project we used a wooden deck stamp pattern with maple wood stain color and a charcoal release for definition. The effect is that of an old wooden floor that has been beautifully restored and preserved.


The patio cover consists of a hip roof matching the home’s roof in style and color. We used pine tongue-and-groove boards for the interior ceiling and stained the ceiling in dark walnut. For the homeowners’ comfort and convenience, we installed ceiling fans and recessed canned lighting overhead. We painted the patio cover’s trim and posts in a chocolate color to match the trim on the house.

We’re Also Your Tarrant County Hardscapes Designer-Installer

You don’t need to search for anyone else to design and build your vertical hardscapes. Beautiful hardscapes are among our specialties at Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake. The hardscapes we designed and installed in this project include an outdoor fireplace, U-shaped outdoor kitchen, and stone privacy wall—all custom-designed for this home.

Versatile U-shaped kitchen

We used beautiful Oklahoma chopped stone throughout—for the gas-burning fireplace, kitchen area, privacy wall and columns. The counters, hearth and mantel are made of smooth, grey Lueders stone. Kitchen amenities include a Blaze grill with full-access drawers, a fridge and a beer cooler. The large TV screen mounted over the fireplace tells us this covered patio will see plenty of home-team celebrations.

A Total Outdoor Living Package … and More

In addition to creating this amazing outdoor living space for relaxing, cooking, dining and entertaining, we added a flagstone and gravel path leading around the patio. The homeowner plans to add a putting green on the other side of the yard. We guess that makes this covered patio the 19th hole!

This stunning outdoor living combination project is an example of the way we create perfect outdoor living spaces for our clients to enjoy the outdoors. This setting is just bursting with outdoor living enjoyment potential!

Are you ready to design the perfect covered patio for your home? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake has you covered! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Southlake, TX, Covered Patio Takes This Backyard From Better to Best!

What do you do when you already have an above-average backyard but want to make it even better? You contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake of course, where we make good backyards better and better backyards the best!


Our most recent project in Southlake, TX, is a prime example of a backyard that was in its own rite, beautiful, but needed an updated design to speak to the functionality needs the homeowners wanted. You see, they already had a patio, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen they really loved. However, the existing pergola did not provide the protection they craved to truly utilize their outdoor living area in all types of weather. They found the pergola offered little cover from the sun, and when it rained they were forced indoors.

— Backyard before we began the project.

As Southlake’s premier covered patio builder, we knew exactly what to do!

We began this backyard transformation by removing the pergola over the patio and outdoor kitchen from the back of the home. We then started construction on the covered patio that was to take its place. The new covered patio will increase the function of the entire backyard for the homeowners. A covered patio provides a refuge from the sun and inclement weather. In addition, if the homeowner is entertaining or utilizing the outdoor kitchen, they can continue to do so without being forced indoors. This patio cover is a win/win!


The covered patio/porch addition features a gable-style roof that is open-ended to aid in increased ventilation and added aesthetics. The decorative truss adds charm and elegance to the footprint of the porch, too! The cedar support beams are natural cedar that Archadeck stained in dark walnut. The patio cover interior ceiling features a pine tongue-and-groove ceiling which was also stained in dark walnut.


Of course, in true Archadeck fashion, we made sure to add ceiling fans and a pair of innovative infrared heaters to keep the covered patio comfortable in any kind of weather!


We made sure to match all the finish trim materials with those present on the existing home. The covered patio looks original to the home, and if you didn’t know better none would be the wiser.

Are you ready to design the perfect covered patio for your home? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake has you covered! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Could a Screened Porch Addition Give You More Time Outdoors?

At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we firmly believe you should be able to enjoy the outdoors at home while staying protected from pesky insects. Homeowners often find the best protection is a screened porch!

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your screened porch designer and builder in the Northeast Dallas area. We have worked with numerous homeowners who had a porch they enjoyed immensely but wanted it screened in. Many a client has said, “we could use our porch so much more if we had screens!” Does that sound familiar to you?


The two projects pictured here illustrate the versatile ways we can add screened protection to an existing porch. One is a second-story screened porch/balcony in Sunnyvale, TX. The other is a ground-level screened patio in Rockwall, TX. In both cases, the homeowners loved their outdoor space and the beautiful views they overlook. We worked with them to create the protected spaces they needed to fully enjoy the outdoors at home.

Sunnyvale, TX, Screened Porch off Master Bedroom

Who wouldn’t love a screened porch off their master bedroom? These homeowners had double-decker porches on the back of their home. The existing structure was a second-story porch with a partially-covered patio below. The homeowners enjoyed having a covered porch—or balcony—off of the master bedroom with a fabulous view. All too often, though, insects drove them indoors. They needed protection!

— Before

The Sunnyvale, TX, homeowners called on Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to transform their upstairs porch into a screened porch. We used SCREENEZE for the screens and kept the cable rail that was already there as part of the original porch. Cable railing functions as a guard rail for safety without blocking the view. The cedar frames we used match the house, and the aluminum framing was painted to match as well.

— After

Our clients say the screened porch is now the perfect spot to sit outside, read a book and enjoy the view. As you can tell from this project, a screened porch doesn’t have to be placed off a living room or den to be effective.

Rockwall, TX, Patio-to-Screened-Porch Conversion

Our clients in Rockwall, TX, had a large covered patio outside their living room. Tired of pesky insects invading their outdoor space and disrupting their down-time on the patio, they called Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to add screens.

— This project was screened using SCREENEZE in bronze.

For this project, we used SCREENEZE in bronze. These darker screens will filter out some of the direct sunlight coming into the porch for a part of each day. The homeowners chose to have their cedar framing stained instead of painted. As a design element, the framing for a screened room—whether it’s wood, aluminum or vinyl—can be stained or painted to blend with the home.

— Interior of new screened room.

In addition to adding screens, we also added a PCA door going into the house from the porch. Our Rockwall, TX, clients are delighted with their insect-free screened-in outdoor space. They are already using the porch more often than they were able to use it before we added the screening.

Would a screened porch make your time outdoors more enjoyable? Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation. The consultation is free but the rewards a new space from Archadeck provides are priceless.

When You Work with Archadeck, Better Value Means Better Quality

The Value of Choosing Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to Design and Build Your Outdoor Living Project


Beautiful workmanship, high standards, attention to detail—all of these elements, and more, are part of the bargain when you trust your outdoor living project to Archadeck. To some, the word value means low prices, bottom dollar, and never mind the quality. To Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, value means giving our clients the “extras” that come with a high level of expertise and service.

Why Choosing the Lowest Bidder Can Be Costly


Are you thinking about adding a patio, porch or deck to your northeast Dallas home? Do visions of an outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace dance through your dreams? If you’re tempted to choose a builder based on the lowest estimate, pause for a moment. Pay close attention to the caution lights flashing danger ahead. There’s a reason why the saying “you get what you pay for” is a well-worn phrase, because there is a lot of truth in it!


We have spoken with homeowners who went with the lowest bidder and later wished they had been more selective. If a contractor intentionally underbids another just to get your business, they do not plan to lose money on your project. To keep from losing money, they are going to have to cut corners somewhere. Will they hire unqualified subcontractors, use low-quality materials or rush the job? Will they expect you to apply for your own building permits?

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake won’t cut corners on your outdoor living project. Our crews and subcontractors have experience and expertise—and note that those are not always the same things. We use high-quality materials because the covered patio and outdoor kitchen you hire us to design and build is going to last a long, long time. We work hard to make sure your experience of working with us is a good one. We want you to be over-the-top thrilled with the work we do at your home.

Value: What Archadeck Includes that Most Builders Don’t

With Archadeck, you get an ultra-professional design and build experience with your outdoor living project. We say “design and build” because our focus on quality design sets us apart from most Dallas-area deck builders, porch contractors and patio installers. You’ll be a collaborator in the design process with Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake. You’ll develop a deep appreciation for the way we listen and actually hear you describe the screened porch you’ve been wanting.

— We are proud to be locally owned and operated.

Whether your project is a simple deck and pergola or a pavilion with full outdoor kitchen and fireplace, we bring our “A game” to its design. To us, your project’s design is as important as its construction. The same is true on large or small-scale projects so please don’t assume a smaller project will get less of our attention. We focus on design details with every project because that is how we produce consistently high-quality outdoor living structures. It’s one of the ways we deliver additional value with your new outdoor living space.

Attention to detail is a big part of the Archadeck process. We use checklists. We circle back. We follow up. We don’t leave anything to chance. We keep you updated about the progress of your project. We place great value on communication and customer service.



Warranties— have any other contractors you’ve interviewed mentioned warranties? —are another way we bring additional value to every Archadeck project. You aren’t going to get this level of service and value from another outdoor living contractor. Our projects come with a warranty on workmanship, and another warranty on structural integrity. We also take care to follow all manufacturer’s installation procedures for materials so you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for materials. Finally, we provide a 3rd-party completion guarantee. In the event that we are unable to complete your project for any reason, another Archadeck location would come in and complete it. Of course we hope that’s never needed! But compare that to your lowest bidder. If something goes wrong and they disappear, what’s your recourse?

Choosing Your Dallas Patio Builder: Some Decisions Shouldn’t Be Rushed

Many homeowners are in a hurry to get started and a hurry for their project to be completed. We understand that. Once you decide to move forward, you want to move forward! We recommend you take the time to make a solid decision. Check reviews and references, ask for proof of insurance and ask about workmanship and structural integrity warranties. (It won’t hurt to ask!) Look at as many past project photos as you can. It’s a lot easier to change your mind before you sign a contract.


If you want beautifully-designed and well-crafted outdoor living structures, you may have to wait at different points in the process. We sometimes wait for building permits, HOA approvals, and zoning board approvals (where required). Look at it this way: you’re adding a high-quality outdoor living space you’ll enjoy for many years. Some things are worth the wait.

Read more: Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, Neither Should Your Dallas Outdoor Living Space Addition

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation. The consultation is free but the rewards a new space from Archadeck provides are priceless.

Our Recent Deck and Pergola Addition in Irving, TX, Proves How the RIGHT Deck Can Change Everything!

This property in Irving, TX is literally the picture of tranquility. The moment Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake stepped into the backyard the peaceful charm of the neighborhood and the shade the surrounding trees provide was palpable. We immediately understood the reason the homeowners had asked us to update their existing outdoor space — and we could see the potential of this backyard!


Upon arriving for our initial design consultation the homeowners shared with us their need to make the backyard not only more aesthetically appealing, but also the need to update the space for safety. Their existing paver patio had begun to shift due to movement from the tree roots just under the surface. This movement was leading to the patio becoming a trip and fall hazard, which in turn made it difficult for them to utilize the area with confidence.

— Before

Replace a Patio with a Deck? — Yes!

Where many builders may have just suggested the addition of another hardscape space, Archadeck thinks outside the box. Inevitably, it is feasible that just adding another patio to the same area could lead to the same uplift or cracking down the road due to the roots of the trees present on, and surrounding the property. It is even a safe bet that other builders may have even suggested the tree located in the backyard be removed to ensure no future encroachment. Our designers realized the ambiance, shade and beauty the tree provided to not only the backyard but also to the home. We also know that installing another patio was just not the solution. Factoring each element and listening to the homeowner’s desires carefully, and thoughtfully, we suggested a new deck addition instead.


Once the design was finalized we broke ground on creating the new backyard oasis. Our first order of business to remove all the existing pavers and get the area level. During the removal of the pavers, we were careful to salvage as many as we could as they are being repurposed in an alternate location as part of the new finalized project. In addition to leveling out the area Archadeck also carefully ground down the tree roots of the tree — while keeping the ultimate health and survival of the conifer in mind.

The Right Deck

Once all the groundwork and preparation were completed, Archadeck then installed the new low-to-grade deck. We used all low-maintenance TimberTech decking on this addition. These beautiful soft colors come from the TimberTech Edge Collection. The space showcases the colors Tidal Sand on the main deck area and Beachwood Gray on the accent areas.The homeowners agree that the color blend showcases the home perfectly.


Notice how Archadeck of NE-Dallas-Southlake was able to integrate the oak tree into the actual deck design leaving enough room for future growth so as to compromise the health of the tree (or the deck). The custom bench seating you see on the deck was built using the same TimberTech decking as was used on the deck itself. This little extra adds depth to the design and additional seating without having to add more furnishings.

The Perfect Pergola


Taking the updated backyard design a step farther, we added a custom cedar pergola. The pergola was built using 6 × 6 posts and the entire structure was stained in walnut to add contrast to the soft colors of the deck, and home. The use of larger posts gives the pergola a “beefier” more substantial look. We did have to brace the pergola against the fence to ensure no uplift and to strengthen the support due to the span.

Repurpose(ful) Patio

Last but certainly not least — remember the pavers we salvaged from the existing patio? Here they are reinstalled between the deck and fence creating a cohesive finishing touch to the main project space. We even added a charming soldier course border to the edge making a clean transition from the deck to the property’s fence.


Archadeck also finished off the new backyard by adding a gravel surround and refurbishment of their backyard flower beds.

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation. The consultation is free but the rewards a new space from Archadeck provides are priceless.

Forney TX Covered Patio Steeped in "Always Been There" Appeal

One of the benefits of choosing Archadeck for your outdoor living space project is how we strive to make your addition appear original to your home. Designing and building with originality in mind may seem simple enough, however, in order to do so takes a great deal of experience, knowledge, expertise and thoughtful consideration. This is not only the case from an aesthetic perspective but is also important in the structural components that make up your addition.

Our most recent covered patio addition in Forney, TX, serves as the perfect example of an addition that appears to have been built originally with the home.


After deciding that they needed a spot for shade and solace, and following a nightmarish experience with a less-than-seasoned builder, these homeowners decided to contact Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake to create the covered patio they yearned for.

We Make It Look Easy!

As you can see from the before image below, this home had a basic concrete slab patio off the back of their home. It is hard to believe looking at the new patio cover we added that the structure wasn’t designed and built at the same time as the home isn’t it? The new covered patio fits like the final piece of this outdoor living space puzzle — with a complimentary roofline, cohesively matched finish materials and the same arches visible in the design on the face (front) of the home.

— Before

— Notice how we used the same arched design for the patio cover present on the front of the home.

Bringing the Covered Patio Design Full Circle

To bring this stunning new addition full circle, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake first jazzed up the concrete patio by adding a stain and stamp overlay. We used an Ashlar stamp pattern with a 12" border and stained the area in a combination of bone, pecan tan and walnut then we applied a walnut release on top. The border was stained in walnut.


We also finished the exterior of the covered patio taking hints from the materials used on the exterior of the existing home. This includes Hardie board siding, which we painted to match the house. Gutters were added as well. We finished the interior of the patio cover using a Hardie board ceiling finish. We added three (3) ceiling fans within the interior of the addition along with lighting, outlets and a unique drop-down mount for the TV.


The homeowners are just elated with their new covered patio addition! Our success in being able to deliver a custom patio such as this is because we are a national company. Our engineers design all the structural details of how each one of our projects is to be built whereas a lot of companies let the carpenters make the decision. This puts us light years ahead of the competition in terms of the quality and workmanship we bring to the table. Being in the field is where theory turns to practicality and having the right contractor can ensure the integrity of your new porch or patio cover in correlation with your existing home. Our goal is to give you a cohesive design that looks original to your home.


A successful project ends with a quality structure that harmonizes with all the elements of your home and landscape!

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation. The consultation is free but the rewards a new space from Archadeck provides are priceless.

Bring Us Your Outdoor Projects Now Before Things Get Wild Around Here!

As you spend more time at home, do you find yourself making plans to enlarge your patio, add a covered patio, maybe add an outdoor kitchen? A deck and patio combination would be a lot of fun … with … an outdoor fireplace! The more you’re at home, the more ideas you may get about improving your outdoor living area. We encourage you to call us and let’s put those plans and ideas into action!


We anticipate a crazy summer as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and homeowners all decide to move ahead with their outdoor living projects at the same time. As Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake’s construction calendar fills up, we want to make sure YOUR project is on our schedule.


In the present economic slow-down, many homeowners have postponed their plans to add new outdoor living structures. Some are taking a wait-and-see approach. Meanwhile, spring and summer will march on, following their usual timetable. Don’t let the seasons pass you by!

Connect with Archadeck Now to See Your Project Completed This Year

Is the patio or screened porch you’ve been dreaming about still just an idea? Let’s make it real! We’re reaching out to you with a gentle nudge because it’s conceivable that our construction calendar will fill up quickly. If that happens, we’ll soon be looking at a backlog. That’s why now is the time to beat the rush.


You may not realize we need a little time to orchestrate your project. Once you approve the design and sign a contract, we obtain construction permits and secure the materials you’ve selected. If HOA approval is required, we’ll factor that into the schedule. Each of these steps follows another, in sequence, leading up to the day our crew arrives at your home with tools and materials. While it may be a cliché, it’s true: the sooner we begin, the sooner you can sit back and enjoy your new outdoor living oasis.

Staycation is the New Vacation …

You may have canceled vacation travel plans this year, but there’s still time to have a great staycation. You just need the right setting, and that’s where Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake comes in. We are the experts who can design and build a private backyard getaway spot so amazing you may not want to go away for vacation next year, either!


If you’re working from home, sitting on a skimpy patio with no real shade but a faded table umbrella, we can help! As you look out at your family’s pool, do you realize how badly you need a covered area nearby with tables for dining? Have the mosquitoes started biting yet in your neighborhood? How long before you’re desperate for the spacious and airy screened porch, the one with two ceiling fans, the one you’ve been dreaming about?

We’re using virtual design consultations, video conferencing, and electronic contract signing. We can design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams without breaching the recommended social distancing practices.


Is your outdoor living space everything you want it to be? If your answer is no, then let Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake design and build the perfect outdoor living space for your home. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This Coppell, TX, Backyard Goes From Zero To Amazing With This New Poolside Design!

Here at Archadeck, we are well-known for taking a blank slate of a backyard, or an existing space, and adding beauty and functionality through our custom outdoor living space designs. This project, in particular, showcases how we not only changed the look of this area but also enhanced the way the space can now be used.


Our most recent project takes us to Coppell, TX, where Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake transformed this existing poolside patio.

As you can see from the before image, these homeowners have a lovely pool and hot tub off the back of their home. The back door that was used to access this area had a minimal patio area that offered no shade or protection from inclement weather or the sun on warm days.

— Before

We added a new covered patio off the back of the home. The patio cover blends seamlessly with the existing home and into the existing pool surround with the always been there appeal Archadeck is so good at achieving. The covered patio also features a charming cedar pergola on one end, giving the homeowners a place for their grill, along with a revved-up aesthetic!

Let’s take a look at each facet of this combination outdoor living space design:

The Patio

The project began with the installation of a new stain and stamp patio. We used a Flagstone Stamp in Natural Brown.


Notice how we added an eye-catching 12-inch border in Walnut to add definition to the patio and ease the transition of the new patio into the existing aggregate patio present in the pool surround.


The Patio Cover

The covered patio features a gable/shed combination roof, this was chosen to emulate the home’s existing roof and to ensure water diverted properly from the roofline. The cedar posts are set atop columns built from Oklahoma chopped stone and gray Lueders stone tops. The stone coping was chosen to mimic that present within the pool surround, making the new addition appear original to the home and pool area.


On the interior of the patio cover, we used a beautiful pine tongue and groove ceiling. The ceiling is stained in dark Walnut to give it a rustic appeal. We also stained the cedar posts in extra dark Walnut. We also included all the creature comforts you would expect in one of our custom designs… these include two ceiling fans, recessed can lighting and six speakers.


The Pergola

The pergola is also built using Cedar and the design is beefier than a traditional, run-of-the-mill pergola. We stained the pergola in dark Walnut to match the posts used on the patio cover.


This stunning pergola adds an airy element to the entire space. From the way it plays with the sunlight adding drama to the patio itself, to the functionality of having a place for outdoor grilling!


Exterior Finish Details

Last but not least, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake made sure all the exterior finish details were matched to the home. This includes painting the trim to match the house and the use of lighter colors. The homeowner are just over the moon about their new shade-loving poolside oasis. The project is proof of how we can take an existing backyard from zero to amazing with a custom design.


Are you ready to learn what we can do for you? Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to get your dream backyard underway!

We Are Open For Business Offering Teleconferencing & Financing Options For Our Valued Clients!

The current COVID-19 crisis has left us all feeling vulnerable, businesses and individuals alike. To address some of the uniqueness of the situation, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake wants our clients and potential clients to know that we are still very much here to serve you.


The health and well-being of our staff, contractors, and clients is paramount. Following the Dallas County Covid-19 guidelines, issued on March 24, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is offering video conferencing for our current and prospective clients. While we are staying safe and abiding all the guidelines, barring non-essential professions and travel through April 3 (as it stands now), we are equipped and ready to discuss your new outdoor living design via live video conference. We are also abiding by all the current regulations affecting the five additional counties that we service within the Metroplex, as well.


Whether you are in the market for a patio, deck, covered patio or porch, outdoor kitchen, backyard fire feature or even a screened porch, we can take care of your first meeting completely and with ease remotely from your home!


For our current clients: It is absolutely not necessary for us to see you in person to close on your current contract – electronic discussions and approvals will sufficiently secure your spot in our building schedule and get the ball rolling on your project.

Worry-free project financing is also available

In times like these, we all naturally become uncertain about dipping into our nest eggs to make larger purchases. For this reason, we offer financing options through LightStream — a quick, hassle-free way to finance your outdoor living space project. This financing program is excellent for clients with great credit, who wish to move forward with their project, but prefer not to spend from their savings. LightStream offers financing for any project, from $5,000 up to $100,000 – with no money down. The approval process easy, and approved clients will receive funding very quickly to get their projects underway.

Thank you to all our clients

Archadeck appreciates your patience and consideration during this time of uncertainty. We will work to help make your outdoor living project the best possible during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. If you have questions about your current or future project, we are here to help in any way we can. We wish you all good health and happiness!


Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

Stuck At Home -- Why Not Create A Staycation Worthy Backyard Space?

Often, the question How can we help you? may sound like an empty phrase, but right now, it does not. At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we want to help you get beyond this time of closed venues, canceled activities, and perhaps even canceled vacations. If you’re ready to take that vacation money—or tax refund—and put it into a private staycation-worthy oasis right in your backyard, just call us.


Design and Build Your Own Private Backyard Oasis — Without Having to Leave Home!

That’s right! Archadeck can design and build a custom outdoor oasis right in your own backyard — a spot to enjoy this season and for years to come! Your Family’s Safety is our Top Priority We have your safety in mind as well as that of our staff and construction crews. We’re embracing innovative ways to use technology and work smarter without taking chances of spreading the coronavirus. We can arrange a design consultation for you—and any follow-up meetings—with videoconferencing using Skype or whatever technology is most comfortable for you.


Nobody likes canceling events they’ve been looking forward to for months. How about setting up your own vacation spot where nobody can cancel your enjoyment. We are ready to design and build a custom patio, deck, porch, backyard fire feature, outdoor kitchen or outdoor room for you.


Even better, let’s make it a combination of two or more of these super-compatible structures! We like to call these private backyard escapes deluxe outdoor living spaces.

Vacation at Home in Your Own Private Getaway Spot!

If you’ve had to put your vacation on hold indefinitely, let’s talk about creating a spa-like environment at your home. We can custom design the perfect deck with adjoining patio, hardscapes and outdoor kitchen for your family to enjoy any time, day or night.


Or perhaps a fire feature is what you and your family would enjoy most with your patio. Whatever outdoor structures you select, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. And should you decide to sell your home in the future, your outdoor living space additions will increase your home’s value, too!


Our primary goal is for you to feel at ease, no matter the situation. We’ll meet your needs with the same outstanding customer service our clients have come to expect from Archadeck. “Social distancing” will not stand in the way of our ability to create and deliver the outdoor living space of your dreams!


Are you ready to build a backyard vacation spot at your home? There is no charge for our design consultation, and videoconferencing is an option. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to get started.

Come See Us This Weekend at The 41st Spring Dallas Texas Home and Garden Show


Are you ready for spring? Are you deep into planning your new covered patio, deck, poolside pavilion with outdoor kitchen and custom outdoor fire feature? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is ready to meet you! We’ll be available Friday, March 6 – Sunday, March 8, to talk with you at the Spring Dallas Home & Garden Show. We want to hear about your plans, offer ideas, and answer your questions about adding the perfect outdoor living structures to your NE Dallas home.


You know spring is almost here when it’s time for the Home and Garden Show!

Whether you’ve already started planning your 2020 outdoor projects, or you’re looking for ideas, find us at the show in Booths #454 and #456. We’ll be waiting for you to stop by! Come talk to your NE Dallas outdoor living design experts in person. Make the rounds through the show and then come back and talk with us some more!


We’ll have a custom outdoor kitchen on display, right there in the exhibit hall! Touch it and look at it from different angles. Ask us your questions about materials, about our custom designs, and about combining more than one structure for a deluxe outdoor living space. Want an outdoor kitchen and wet bar with your custom patio? Want to create an idyllic setting for your hot tub—complete with custom-designed privacy screens?


We’ll also have a low-maintenance deck display at the show. Are you thinking about adding a deck with an outdoor fireplace? A deck and patio combination? We’d love to answer your questions about deck designs and decking materials—including the pros and cons of adding a low-maintenance composite deck vs. a wood deck.


Meet our designers! We’ll be on hand with plenty of material samples to see and feel along with our portfolio of completed projects. You’re sure to get some great ideas! It’s time to dream up the outdoor living space that will make you want to spend more time outdoors. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Show Details

Dates: Friday – Sunday, March 6 – March 8, 2020
Location: Dallas Market Hall
2200 N Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, TX 75207

Show Schedule
Friday, March 6: 2pm – 6pm
Saturday, March 7: 10am – 6pm
Sunday, March 8: 11am – 5pm

Archadeck Booth Numbers: #454 and #456

We can’t wait to see you at the 41st Spring Dallas Texas Home and Garden Show this weekend. Don’t miss it, and don’t miss your chance to talk with us. We look forward to meeting you there.


For more information about the upcoming home and garden show, or about the outdoor project you have in mind, contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected]t to schedule your design consultation.

An Artful outdoor living space in Irving TX

These Irving Texas homeowners had an artist’s canvas backyard. This beautiful home was much deserving of an artfully-designed space that spoke to the clients’ outdoor living aspirations. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is pleased to have been called to the task of creating their dream backyard design.


Very often, our clients call on us to re-create an existing outdoor living design. This family, however, had a spacious and wide-open backyard, which yearned for beautiful and usable outdoor amenities. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake worked with these clients to create covered patio cabana, pergola, and custom softscapes and hardscapes to create a true backyard paradise.

— Blank canvas backyard in Irving, TX.

Free-standing cabana and pergola designs

If you are in search of a unique outdoor living design, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake can help. We are the area’s premier custom outdoor living design and build firm. Your design will be unlike any other!

— Custom cabana in Irving, TX.

Both the cabana and pergola were created using 8”x8” cedar posts, and all cedar construction, painted in a rich chocolate pudding color. The 19’x16’ cabana has an open gable roof with king truss details. The 16’x7’ pergola includes a Polygal cover for weather protection. The stately columns are anchored with beautiful Oklahoma chopped stone coping and dark lueder’s stone tops. The pergola design was custom-built to hang the homeowner’s hammock — if you look closely you will see the hooks — how unique!

— Pergola in Irving TX with Polygal protective roof cover.

The interior of the cabana includes a custom cedar TV wall and cedar mantel.

— Cedar TV wall and custom mantel.

The ceiling is finished with pine tongue and groove and includes recessed lighting and a ceiling fan. Both the cedar wall and ceiling were stained in dark walnut.

— Pine tongue and groove cabana ceiling finish with fan and lighting.

Hardscapes and softscapes

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake provided all new softscapes/landscaping. We planted trees, shrubs, and plants, including Texas Mountain Laurel, pink Kaleidoscope Abelia, Sunshine Ligustrum, Asian Jasmine, and more. We installed the paver patio surface, including the stepping pads leading to the home. The paver color is Urbana Danville Beige, which matches the pavers previously installed in front of the home. Due to the slope of the yard, we also built a 19’ seat wall on the back side of the cabana.

— Pavers and smooth river stone hardscapes adorn the space.

The homeowners added a garden fountain, which creates the perfect focal point between the spaces.

— Garden fountain focal point.

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake installed an additional hardscape wall at the back of the yard, which gives the space a finished look and provides additional seating for entertaining. We used stone finishes that match the cabana and pergola columns.

— Oklahoma chopped stone seat wall with lueder’s stone cap.

Are you imagining an all-new, artful outdoor living design for your own backyard? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake has you covered! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Forney, TX Patio Builder Opens Up a World of Outdoor Entertaining Possibilities

A covered patio lets you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and protects you against excess sunlight, rain, and wind. Recently, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake completed a covered patio addition — and more. This project allowed us to transform an ordinary outdoor area into a luxury space that offers endless entertaining possibilities.


This project encompassed a covered patio addition, with a custom backyard fire feature and hardscape seating wall. Before we started the project, our client’s existing backyard had only a deck area and aggregate concrete.

Our client was in search of a Forney-area patio builder that could make the patio and backyard pool surround appear “cohesive.” To date, we’ve delivered phenomenal results for both large and small projects, so we knew we could meet — and exceed — the client’s expectations.

Fire Pit + Custom Seating Wall = An Amazing Outdoor Space


Along with extending the existing patio and installing a stain and stamp overlay around the patio and pool surround. We also added a custom fire pit along with a custom seating wall and installed a roof cover over the patio.


The new covered patio space boasts stunning stone columns and a versatile workspace and bar area for outdoor dining and preparation. This ensures the homeowners have plenty of room to host barbecues, birthday parties, and other special events — and the covered patio guarantees enjoyment rain or shine as it protects against inclement weather.

The Best Materials Provide the Best Results

As a leading Forney, TX covered patio installer, we take pride in the fact that we use only the best materials and provide the best workmanship for our designs. This is evident in our use of Oklahoma chopped stone with grey Lueder’s stone tops for the food preparation and bar area’s stone columns. We also constructed the fire pit and seating wall from the same material. The result: we delivered a cohesive covered patio in line with the client’s original request.

Light Colors Make the Covered Patio Pop


Our design team evaluated the space and determined light colors were the best option based on the hues present on the existing home as well as the style, and design. This color palette makes the structures appear original to the home instead of an addition. As you may know, Archadeck is known for giving our signature outdoor structures that exude an always been there appeal.


We used a 4×4 cut-style stamp for the patio in ivory and the border is a pecan tan stain, which perfectly complements the grey Oklahoma chopped stone. In addition, we installed a Hardieboard interior and painted the covered patio’s interior to match the client’s house. We even used white trim on the covered patio’s can lights and fans — another simple and effective way to help the patio pop.

A Custom Cricket and Matching Pool Surround Complete the Project

The covered patio was built using a hip/shed combination roof. As an important structural finishing touch, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake installed a custom-made cricket to divert water away from the area. We also removed an existing waterfall and matched the flooring and coping on the pool surround.


If you’re thinking about installing a new covered patio, or an update to your existing backyard space, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake offers lots of options. We can design an amazing covered patio from the ground-up that includes an outdoor fireplace and other premium amenities. Plus, we can provide before and after photos to show you how we’ve successfully left other homeowners elated with our covered patio projects.

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Garland TX Screened Porch Addition is Perfect for Swim Spa … And More!

What a difference a screened porch can make! And who hasn’t put up with something that’s not entirely satisfactory until, finally, you put the time and energy into having it fixed? Suddenly you’re amazed by how much better it is and wonder why it took you so long to address the problem. If your “problem” is an inadequate outdoor living space like the one pictured here, call Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake like this homeowner did. We can design a solution that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space again.


Our client in Garland, TX, thoroughly enjoys the swim spa on her patio. That enjoyment, though, diminished over time as she was constantly fighting off the mosquitoes and other insects that invaded her space daily. Taking action to find a solution meant calling Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake.

SOS! Archadeck, This is Why I Need a Screened Porch!

This homeowner enjoys the luxury of a home that backs up to a beautiful golf course. She also enjoys the luxury of a swim spa on her back patio, and she uses it every day. What she didn’t enjoy were the mosquitoes that tormented her when she went outdoors to swim or relax on the patio. In addition, the canopy over her swim spa provided a bit of shade, but the area became hot and stifling at times.

— Before

The client looked to Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake for a multifaceted solution, and we did not disappoint. Here was the scope of our screened porch and patio combination project at this Garland TX home:

  • Design and build a custom screened porch to keep pesky insects and debris away from the swim spa
  • Extend the patio to create a larger outdoor living space for grilling and dining outdoors
  • Add a porch roof over a section of the patio for additional shade outside the screened area.

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake Builds the Best Screened Porches!


The screened porch we designed for this Garland TX homeowner provides more consistent shade than a canopy could. It gives her a protected area where she can enjoy swimming again. That sounds simple but means everything! The end of the screened porch overlooking the golf course provides such a tranquil view, the view alone could improve a person’s quality of life!


Notice the wide screens! Many builders would have divided this “wall” of screening up into several sections, maybe even 6-8 sections, with framing that would have impeded the view. Archadeck worked to create the most unobstructed view possible.

How did we do it? SCREENEZE is our go-to screening system, and it has never let us down. With SCREENEZE, we can install much wider screens for a better view. These screens are extremely durable and come with a 10-year limited warranty.


We designed the screened porch with a gable roof to allow more light through the open (screened) gable end. We used a Hardie board ceiling finish on the porch interior to match the house. The 6 X 6 pressure-treated wood posts supporting the porch are finished with Hardie board wrap that’s painted to match the house, too. Finally, we installed recessed can lighting and ceiling fans in the porch ceiling. That old canopy didn’t come with a ceiling fan! The screened porch is noticeably cooler now—and infinitely more pleasant.


There’s plenty of room in the new screened porch. While the canopy was confined and only had room for the spa, the screened porch can accommodate a table and chairs as well. The porch includes two PCA aluminum screened doors for easy access to and from the space on either side.

Archadeck is Your NE Dallas and Garland TX Patio Builder

— Before, the patio only reached as far as the back of the fireplace.

If you have room for a larger patio, we recommend you take full advantage of that space for a more functional outdoor living space. As you can see, the home’s original patio only reached as far as the back of the fireplace. With our patio extension, now it spans the length of the home. We finished the entire patio, including the floor of the screened porch, with a textured stain and stamp surface. The stamp we used is the Roman slate pattern, and the stain color is bone in walnut.

Covered Patio Equals Open Porch

We attached a shed roof to the screened porch’s gable roof to create a shaded area on the patio just outside the screened porch. It’s a gable/shed roof combo. This gives the homeowner three ways to enjoy the combination porch-and-patio outdoor living space: screened porch, open porch, and extended patio.


This homeowner is delighted with her new and improved outdoor living space. She’s thrilled that Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake designed the structures she needed to make using her swim spa and outdoor space a pleasure!

Have you been putting up with an inadequate outdoor living space? Let Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake design and build the perfect outdoor living space for your home. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Fate, TX, Homeowners Order Up Perfect Covered Patio for New Home

Buying a new home? Is one of your criteria a great outdoor living space, maybe a covered patio and outdoor kitchen? Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can make your search easier with the following advice. When you find the house of your dreams, don’t be concerned if it doesn’t have the perfect outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. You can add that, with our help! It’s the best way to have a new home and a beautiful outdoor living area custom-designed just for your needs. What could be more perfect?


We’ve seen this trend growing! More frequently, new home buyers are contacting Archadeck to build their ideal outdoor living space as soon as they close on the purchase of their new home.

Archadeck asks, will a covered patio be enough?

You can’t always expect your new home to come complete with your ideal outdoor living space. Why not? It’s not your ideal space unless it is custom designed just for you. Do you want a patio, open or covered? Deck and patio combination? Screened porch and covered patio? Outdoor kitchen, simple or elaborate? Bar seating? Outdoor fireplace? Big screen TV? Room for dining, lounging, or both?


There are so many variations when considering an outdoor space for quiet relaxation, family get-togethers, festive parties or all of the above. Make a list of everything you’d want in your ideal outdoor living space, then call Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to bring your vision to life.

Archadeck: covered patios, outdoor kitchens, and more

These homeowners in Fate, TX, wanted ample room for spending time outdoors. Their vision was to have an all-inclusive outdoor space where they could cook, dine, relax and watch movies and sports. We designed a spacious patio and cabana with a hip roof that is not attached to the house (due to city codes and setbacks).

Take a look at these amazing before and after’s:

On the interior, the ceiling is a beautiful tongue-and-groove pine with dark walnut stain. Supporting the roof are 8×8 cedar posts with custom wide bracing, exposed cedar beams, and two custom king trusses, all painted dark chocolate.


At the base of the posts are stone-wrapped columns made from multi-colored Lueders chopped stone with smooth Lueders charcoal tops. The two posts and columns that are closer together are joined with a small stone seating wall (or planter) also made of chopped stone.


Amenities chosen by the homeowners are incorporated into the structure, including 12 recessed can lights, 2 large industrial fans, and 6 Polk speakers. We also installed 3 infrared heaters at the lower edge of the ceiling where the ceiling meets the lower beams. The chill of the night air will not keep these homeowners indoors.

Archadeck’s outdoor kitchens can be simple or elaborate

All of the beautiful stone you see in the outdoor kitchen is Lueders stone— multi-colored chopped stone with smooth charcoal tops. This U-shaped kitchen is equipped with a Grand Turbo grill, Turbo griddle, two Turbo refrigerators, a double trash can drawer, single drawer storage, single access door, and a double access door.


For the clients’ entertainment, we custom-built a TV wall of multi-colored chopped stone matching the outdoor kitchen and stone columns. The mantel below the TV is cedar painted dark chocolate to match the beams and posts. The homeowners added their personal touch to the mantel with colorful tiles from Mexico.


Last but not least, the stamp and stain patio is just beautiful! The stamp we used is a 12” wood plank pattern, and the stain is winter gray with a charcoal release. The effect is just right.


Are you buying a new home? Let Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake design and build the perfect outdoor living space for your new home. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Outdoor living is easy in this Big Easy inspired covered patio in Dallas

The Dallas TX homeowners’ outdoor living area left them wanting. Wanting for beauty and ultimate usability. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake gave them all the beauty and function you can fit under one covered patio!

At times, when we are called to improve our clients’ quality of outdoor living, there is some semblance of an outdoor living space already in place. Perhaps an old deck that needs replacing, or a porch that doesn’t meet the clients’ needs. In this case, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake was met with a pretty blank slate, and together with our homeowners, we transformed this nothing space into a truly something space!


If you are looking for a Dallas patio builder, call Archadeck!


Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake created an expansive 3-part patio floor using Belgard Dublin Cobble pavers in Fossil Beige. These pavers anchor the space with an air of combined earthen rusticism and refinement. The appeal of the style and color choice for these pavers is in their versatility, accepting any hue or style of décor that is placed on top of them.

The patio cover is something to behold!

For this custom patio cover, we used cedar posts, which were painted white. The posts are anchored with 36” vintage antique brick columns to match the brick on the home. We painted all the trim, including the custom crow’s foot gable infill, white to match the exterior of the home. The homeowners had purchased shutters for the windows, and we installed those, as well, for a finishing touch.


Speaking of the gable roof, on the inside, the ceiling is finished with pine tongue and groove, stained in a walnut finish. The ceiling finish includes electrical components for two ceiling fans, canned lights, and an outdoor television.


An outdoor kitchen was also on the menu!


Cooking will be big and easy under this covered patio design! Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake created an L-shaped outdoor kitchen. This designer kitchen includes a Grand Turbo grill, refrigerator, burner, trash receptacle, and access drawers and doors. Gray Lueders stone work surfaces sit atop of vintage antique brick, tying in with the brick columns and existing brick on the home. The raised snack bar will allow these homeowners and their guest to belly-up at the bar for a drink or snack while the grill master is at work. We also installed electrical outlets on the face of the raised surface for kitchen accoutrements – these homeowners can easily plug in the blender and mix margaritas in their new outdoor kitchen!


The homeowners were looking for an outdoor living space, reminiscent of New Orleans. Enter fleur-de-lis décor. We think the entire space delivers a designer punch – with elements of austerity and sophistication. The brand new space looks perfectly aged and is so inviting!

This covered patio also has a place for entertaining or relaxing!


The covered patio is large enough to contain two distinct living areas. One for the kitchen, and another for a perfectly-staged area for conversation or quiet reflection. No matter if these homeowners are sipping their morning coffee, or having wine with friends, their new patio is now the go-to area for both!

Are you ready to design the perfect covered patio for your home? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake has you covered! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This Dallas Deck Delivers A Level Playing Field For Outdoor Living Enjoyment!

When we initially met with these Dallas homeowners, their existing outdoor living space consisted of an aging concrete patio and cement block wall that allowed very little view into the backyard. The patio was accessible from a wooden step-down stop and the footprint made the area feel confined and not conducive to the type of outdoor living lifestyle they yearned for. In addition, the concrete patio had settled and was starting to become unleveled and cracked in certain areas. This was the turning point from which they reached out to Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to transform their backyard to bring them the level playing field for the enjoyment they had in mind.


Aside from just aesthetics, there are many reasons why having a level outdoor living space is important.


Safety is a top priority when it comes to enjoying your outdoor living space to the fullest. Uneven areas such as stairs, sloped or cracked flooring (such as the field of a concrete patio), and compromised door thresholds account for many injuries each year.

How Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake transformed this space


First, we removed the again concrete slab patio. Once the patio was removed we then built a new, level, substructure that allows the homeowners to enter the back of their home level with the new deck. The new deck also features dual entries into the backyard. We then installed a TimberTech low maintenance deck.


The homeowners chose TimberTech PRO Terrain decking in Silver Maple with a Brown Oak parting board and border. We also used solid board skirting in Silver Maple to give the deck a cohesive look This decking is easy on the eyes and requires little maintenance to keep it looking like new. Four-sided capping makes it extremely resistant to moisture damage, and its protective surface resists everyday stains and scratches.


Finishing off the new backyard design is a black iron railing and integrated low-voltage deck lighting. Yes, you guessed it — the deck can be enjoyed day and night with ease and ambiance! Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake also installed crushed granite around the perimeter of the deck. This small addition brings the whole space together and addresses an area of the landscape where the grass is difficult to grow.


Archadeck strives to exceed your expectations as an outdoor living space builder! GIve us a call at or email us today to transform your backyard into the custom outdoor living area you deserve! You can reach us at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected].

When it comes to outdoor building, you get what you pay for – cheap is cheap

In the age of big-box stores and to-your-door-in-a-day discount online retailers, where you can find the cheapest price on just about anything? Folks are beginning to price shop everything. We can even purchase cars online these days. Should you be shopping around your custom outdoor living space the same way?

The thing is, you will get the exact same 70” smart TV from multiple vendors. Your brand new car or SUV can be purchased in the exact color with all the same bells and whistles from different dealerships. When it comes to custom, decks, porches, and patios, you will not get the same from everyone, who offers to build them. When it comes to comparing a quote from another contractor with Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, that will be an apples-to-oranges comparison. Why?

We are a specialty contractor, who only builds outdoor structures. Why is that important for you?


As much as we understand the need to save a buck, choosing a cheaply-priced porch or deck will get you less than you bargained for. If you choose to hire your landscaper or local handyman as a deck builder, you will not get the valuable living space you desired.

We will custom-design your new outdoor living space, and use only the best building products


When you choose to build with Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, our award-winning designers will visit your home to discuss your outdoor living needs. We will ask you to show us your property, tell us your intended use for the space, and ask questions regarding your preferred maintenance level, and so much more. We will take measurements, and show you some of the great building materials we commonly use, such as Fortress and TimberTech composite decking. Your space will be the shape and size to perfectly suit the size of your home and yard. It will accommodate your intended use. It will be built with the high-quality materials you choose.

We will provide a design, materials specs, and exact pricing


Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake will provide you with a set of blueprints for your new outdoor living space. You will be able to see floor plans and elevations of your new outdoor living area, along with another two very important inclusions: building materials specification and to-the-dollar pricing. We will build your new outdoor living design exactly to spec, using the materials listed, and will charge you exactly the price on your quote. Unlike fly-by-night builders, we will never come back to you to ask for additional money for something we neglected to include, or for a misquoted material.

We will take care of permitting

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake will spend the time to take care of all your building permits for you. Our goal is to be your one-stop contractor, covering all aspects of your construction project – from design, to permitting, to building, to final inspections. We do it all for you. Others, who charge less, do not provide the level of service we provide, which leaves you to your own devices if any issue arises. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake will be your building advocate from start to finish!

At Archadeck, we have you covered with 3 powerful warranties!

One-Year Workmanship warranty

Every Archadeck customer is extended a one-year workmanship warranty that provides coverage for defects including severe warping, leaking or shifting.

Five-Year Structural integrity warranty

Your Archadeck project also comes complete with a 5-year structural integrity warranty. This warranty covers the fitness of the construction components and the integrity of your new outdoor living space.


Your project will also carry the protection of Archadeck’s corporate guarantee. If an issue ever arises with a local Archadeck office during a project, which prohibits them from completing your project, Archadeck guarantees that your project will be completed, as priced, and with the materials specified. In addition, you will rest easy knowing that the craftsmanship of your new outdoor living space will be top-notch, performed by veritable artisans.


Your project will also be protected by any applicable manufacturer’s warranty as some material manufacturers provide a warranty. Many low-maintenance decking materials come with their own 25- to 30-year stain and fade warranty. It’s important to know that the manufacturer’s warranties are only honored if the builder follows specific building requirements such as affixing your joists to an exacting distance. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake has completed training and certification with companies like TimberTech, AZEK, and other composite wood companies to ensure any manufacturer’s warranties will be honored and the building requirements will have been followed.

If you need us in the future, we will be here


Unlike the fly-by-night contractors, who offer new decks and porches for cheap, when you call Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake in a year, or five years, or ten…we will be here for you! Archadeck is the nation’s largest deck and porch builder, who has been around since 1980. To-date, local Archadecks across the United States have built more than 100,000 projects, and that number is growing daily. Do not put your trust in someone today, who will not be able to help you later on, should the need arise.

Don’t look for a cheap deck or porch builder. Call Archadeck.

Price shop your appliances. Look for the cheapest sticker price on a car. By all means, find the least expensive route possible for any mass-produced item – but don’t price shop your outdoor living structure between Archadeck and your local handyman. There is no comparison in the quality of service or building that Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake can provide. Don’t gamble your satisfaction on any fly-by-night builder, no matter your project size. Choose Archadeck, period.


Are you ready to discuss your new outdoor living design? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your trusted outdoor living designer and builder in the Northeast Dallas area. No matter your style preferences and outdoor living requirements, we can create a space that speaks to your personal tastes and preferred use. Allow us to take your outdoor living to the next level!

You can reach us at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected].

This Dallas Mother-in-Law Suite Gets the Royal Treatment from Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake

This unique project involves an area of the home that we don’t get the opportunity to design and build for very often — A mother-in-law suite!


This Dallas homeowner lives by the old saying if Mama (and Daddy) ain’t happy — no one is happy, and this recent outdoor living space proves it! When we met with this client for the design consultation, he explained that his parents lived on the property in the mother-in-law suite. He also expressed his desire to design and build a space to serves as a spot to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors, and to use their outdoor furniture.

— Before:

Dallas patio builder, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake was able to deliver all of the above, and more, with a new patio that extends directly from the mother-in-law suite!


We created an open and inviting outdoor oasis through this stain and stamp concrete patio. The patio was built using a flagstone pattern with earth tones of pecan tan, sand and pecan tumbleweed. Archadeck also added a crushed granite path just to the left of the patio. We then installed the homeowner’s existing stepping stones atop the crushed granite to eliminate standing water and drainage.


The homeowner and his parents couldn’t be happier with the way the project turned out. Not only does the new patio enhance treasured family time, but it also adds loads of charm to the landscape!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake specializes in all things outdoor living. This includes finding dynamic outdoor living solutions to address your specific needs and desires. We design and build outdoor structures for more than just backyards — we can customize a space for your guest house, pool house, vacation rental or Air B&B that may be located on your property and Mother-in-Law suites, too!

You can reach us at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected].

This Rockwall, TX, Patio Cover Gets A Stepped Down Design That Steps Up Functionality!

Here at Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, no outdoor living project is too large or too small for us to conquer! From a full-on outdoor living combination with multiple structures to a single structure that adds just the right touch, we are specialists at finding outdoor living space solutions. Such is the case with our most recent project in Rockwall, TX.


These homeowners reached out to Archadeck to improve the flow and functionality of their existing covered patio. Structurally, the patio worked great. However, their desire was to transform the space to open up the view and provide additional space for outdoor dining and entertaining. This was especially important to them because the covered patio overlooks their stunning backyard pool and hot tub area.


Our talented outdoor living designers spotted a solution just like a diamond in the rough and immediately got to work on putting together a design and strategy to address the client’s needs and desires.


We stepped up the existing covered patio design by stepping it down. That’s right! Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake eliminated the railing on the left portion of the covered patio to open up the view. We then installed a versatile and crowd-friendly serving/seat bar that easily accommodates five (or more) stools. We used Autumn blend chopped stone for the base of the bar and topped it off with a gray Lueder’s stone top.


The design is reminiscent of an eat in outdoor kitchen island that can be used to serve food, dine or just hang out by the pool. Making the design counter height from the outside promotes a welcoming feel AND it ensures minimal view obstruction from within the covered patio. The added element of a roof cover also makes it the perfect spot to cool off with your favorite summer beverage!

If you are looking for someone to build or improve your outdoor living space to suit your tastes and personal needs, we are here to help you on that journey. You can reach us at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected].

This Dallas Custom Outdoor Living Space Is Truly Irresistible In Any Season!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake are experts at creating outdoor living spaces that truly speak to the needs and desires of our clients. Instead of designing a space that the client can acclimate to, we acclimate the design to the individual lifestyle of the client.


Our recent outdoor living combination project in Dallas is a prime example of how our custom designs are truly irresistible.

When we met with these homeowners, their existing outdoor living area consisted of only a simple concrete slab patio accessible from a pair of french doors off the back of the home. These clients yearned for so much more! They yearned for a multi-faceted and multi-functional space that would give them the freedom of open-air and protected enjoyment. After listening to their needs and desires, and taking the home’s architecture and landscape into consideration, this is exactly the kind of space we created for them.

— Backyard before we began the project.

The sum of all its parts create a whole outdoor living room

The area we designed and built includes a screened porch with an outdoor kitchen//serving area, a spacious patio with custom fire feature and more. What is so beneficial about this type of design is how each element works in unison with the other. Different zones were created to address each function these homeowner’s wanted to enjoy in their backyard. Much like a well-oiled machine, each zone flows into another and unifies to feel like one large outdoor living room.


Working from the home outward is the screened porch addition. The screened porch was designed with a gable roof. We left the end of the gable open to bring the most benefit within the interior of the porch. The open end allows for air circulation and natural light to flow into the room. By using the Screeneze screening system, we were able to convey an open and airy feel within the porch. This is because Screeneze can span wider distances than traditional screening method delivering unobstructed views. Their tagline is Bringing the Outdoors In, and that is certainly what this screened method does.


The homeowners wanted a more rustic and natural look for the porch floor, to satisfy this request we installed a KDAT pressure treated wooden floor. KDAT is kiln-dried to give you the appearance of a composite with the natural beauty and character of real wood. Dried to its original moisture content in a controlled environment, the wood dries evenly to minimize the natural tendency of freshly treated lumber to shrink, cup or warp. For added impact, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake also installed the flooring using a patchwork design. We stained the floor in Dark Walnut and used extra Walnut along the border for contrast.


Within the screened porch we also built a bar along the left wall. The bar will serve for easy food preparation and serving with easy access to the homeowner’s Big Green Egg located just a stone’s throw as you exit the porch by way of the screened french doors. The custom kitchen/bar/workspace area includes a bar top and along the bottom is a convenient fridge, trash cans, drawers and a spice rack. We finished the bar using the same hardscapes elements we used throughout the space, which include chopped Granbury gray stone with gray Lueder’s stone tops.


Within the porch, there are many custom finish details that help tie the whole space together with the home. These include painting the brick wall gray in keeping with the color palette chosen for this project along with an alternate exit/entry by way of a single screened door that descends into a custom hardscape path leading to the garage and driveway. We also made sure no creature comfort was overlooked in this porch design. The porch has infrared radiant heating, ceiling fans, recessed canned lighting and an integrated sound system.


Moving outside to the lovely stain and stamp patio, your will notice there is ample space for additional open-air entertaining and enjoyment. The patio was finished using a flagstone pattern in Winter Gray with a Charcoal release. You will also notice the steps and skirting is the same KDAT kiln-dried wood we used on the porch floor. Located on the patio is the star of the show — the custom outdoor fire feature!


This custom backyard fire feature is a real head turner with its rectangular design and custom L-shaped seating wall! The fire pit is gas-burning with glass beads and the seating wall features custom upholstered bench cushions. This fire pit area is a true statement piece and adds so much to the entire design of the space even when not in use.

Lovely and livable outdoor living spaces


These Dallas homeowners are elated with their new outdoor living room! As your Dallas-area outdoor living space expert, we realize the value of combining enclosed spaces, like screened porches and screened patios, with an open-air space such as a deck or patio. Screened porches are a stylish outdoor living solution for your home, and offer true extensions of livable square footage.


As the areas premier screened porch builder, materials used to build your screened-in porches are thoughtfully planned around your home’s existing design. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can utilize matching siding, masonry, and paint choices to complement your home’s style and your personal design tastes. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your free design consultation!
You can reach us at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected].

Archadeck Of NE Dallas-Southlake Make The Most Of Limited Space In Farmers Branch, TX

Here at Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we design projects for all types of properties. From spacious acreage with little to no setbacks to smaller lots that require ingenuity and experience in order to find the right outdoor living space solution, we do it all!

Learn more in our feature story Large or Small-Scale Projects – We’ve Got You Covered!


One of the many benefits we offer our clients is that we obtain any permits, inspections, and plans that are needed to ensure the compliance and safety of any new outdoor living structure we build. This may include, but is not limited to, designing our spaces to ensure setback and any HOA requirements are met.

Our recent screened porch project in Farmers Branch, TX, is a fine example of a project which was designed to meet the setback and HOA requirements of this particular community.

As you can see from these before and after image, the home had a small covered patio on the back of their home. The homeowners wanted to improve their outdoor living area and make it more conducive to all-season enjoyment. After careful consideration of how they wanted to utilize their space, they made the decision to extend their existing patio cover and upgrade to a structure that offered more functionality and protection — a screened porch.


The design of the for the new screened porch roof is what we refer to as a shed-to-gable roof. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake tied the new roof into the existing roof using a cricket.



For the patio floor, we used a stain & stamp concrete overlay and extension in the wooden deck pattern. The colors used for the patio were Dessert Tan with a Charcoal release with extra Charcoal. For the porch interior ceiling finish, we used Smart panel painted in a nice shade of gray. Two ceiling fans and recessed can lighting finish out the interior details.

Since available space was a concern on this lot, along with making sure it met all needed spatial requirements, we made the most use of the space we had available— which includes the stunning view. We utilized the Screeneze screening system in Bronze for this project because it allows for spans longer than traditional screening and longer views! We used low-maintenance PCA aluminum doors, also in bronze.


As your Dallas-area outdoor living design and build experts, we strive to create the most customizable outdoor living spaces to fulfill your needs and desires. Every aspect of our patio, deck and porch designs can be catered to fit your needs, from the size, materials and type of addition down to the trim. We understand that not all outdoor living needs are the same. Homes, families, and communities come in many shapes and sizes, and so do our projects. Many variables dictate the scale and placement of each project, and we are here to serve your specific requirements, understanding that every project we build is as unique as the home and client we are building for.

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This Custom Patio Cover And Fire Pit Keep The Home Fires Burning In Colleyville, TX

What do you do when your covered patio is too small to meet your outdoor living needs?

You Contact us at 972-904-3325 to extend and enhance your existing area like these Colleyville, TX, homeowners did, of course!


When we met with these clients for their design consultation, their covered patio area was not spacious enough to speak to their needs. Their goal was to add additional space from the existing patio, working outward, to gain not only square footage but to add functionality. And, this is exactly what Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake!

Extend and enhance…

First, we extended the patio using supportive brick columns. The columns were built using the same Meridian Burlington Antique brick of that on the home’s facade. We also matched the hip roof addition for the covered patio to the shingles and style used on the home. The addition of the columns and roof make the extension structurally sound and ties the extension into the home with that always been there appeal Archadeck is known for.


We then installed a stunning stain & stamp concrete patio overlay over and beyond the existing patio to expand the patio floor area. The pattern we used is a flagstone stamp and the color is natural brown.


The interior details of the covered patio are cohesive of those on the home as well. For the interior ceiling finish, we used Hardieboard painted to match the trim found on the home. We also installed ceiling fans and recessed can lighting to make sure all the creature comforts and conveniences were addressed.


A custom fire feature, too!

Taking the outdoor living real estate a step further, we added a custom gas-burning stone fire pit with a curved stone seating wall just off the covered patio. We used Austin chopped stone in the color Nicotine for the fire pit surround and seating wall, along with gray Lueder’s stone tops. This custom outdoor fire feature is sure to keep the home fires burning with endless outdoor entertaining and enjoyment in the years to come!


The homeowners are just elated with their new, more spacious and luxurious outdoor living space!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake would love to satisfy your outdoor living desires, too! We can create a custom outdoor living space using a blank canvas, or by enhancing an existing space you already have. Our design consultation is free, but the rewards are priceless!

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

A Custom Garden Hardscape in Addison, TX

It is so refreshing to be part of creating and nurturing spaces to accommodate the varied ways our clients want to enjoy their backyards. We are more than just an outdoor living space builder, we are in the business of bringing visions and ideals to life.


Take for instance our most recent project in Addison, TX. This homeowner contacted Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake after being referred by a neighbor that had us complete a project for her. The homeowner wanted to accentuate her lovely backyard and gardens with an area to relax and gather with friends and family.

We came up with a design that freshened the existing patio area in addition to creating a new area to address her desire for additional space.


For the existing patio, we installed a concrete overlay with an Ashlar Slate stain & stamp pattern. The client chose a warm color palette for the patio of charcoal, gray, autumn brown, pecan tan and green.


In addition to the update to the existing patio, Archadeck also built a new patio using the same stain & stamp pattern and colors we used to update her existing patio. We also added softscapes of liriope around the new hardscape addition and along the path that lead from each patio area. This liriope works in unison with the flora already present in the landscape.


Do you have a vision of how you want your backyard to look and feel? If so, we can bring that vision to life with a custom outdoor living structure! At Archadeck, if your dream, we can build it.

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Sunnyvale TX outdoor kitchen and fire pit: where function meets fun

There is no denying that this Sunnyvale home had a nicely appointed backyard for outdoor living. The pool and spa are flanked by a covered patio and an open patio space with a fire pit, great for entertaining.

These homeowners simply wanted to improve upon their already usable outdoor living areas. They called on Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to revamp their dual patio spaces for better function in outdoor cooking, and for a more beautiful and enjoyable area for conversation around the fire pit.

— Existing covered patio and open patio with fire pit in Sunnyvale, TX

An outdoor kitchen that serves up functional style

The beautiful outdoor kitchen spans 14 feet in length, and offers a grill, refrigerator, and access door. It was created with Austin chopped stone, grey Lueders stone countertops. The design features an 8” tall backsplash, accommodating electrical outlets for even more usability.

—Sunnyvale TX outdoor kitchen

A fire pit of divine design

This 5-foot rectangular fire pit is a marriage of custom finishes, to create a cohesive design aesthetic. It was built with matching Austin chopped stone and a Lueders stone top surface to match those of the kitchen.

—Expansive rectangular fire pit in Sunnyvale, TX

A surround was created with flagstone to match the existing vertical surface of the spa, as well as the flagstone coping around the pool. The gas burning fire pit features emerald crushed glass rock, which will add color and dancing light while in use.

Every element serves the whole of the outdoor living design

This space is now finished from end-to-end with truly custom designer and usability elements. Each facet of this design plays into the beauty and function of the others, creating a space that will give this family and their guests a lovely space for entertaining and relaxation – day or night!

—Harmonious elements of outdoor living design

How easily one could move from the pool area onto the open patio to soak up sunshine, and under the covered patio to cook or to converse with the cook as they work.

—Poolside patios with outdoor kitchen and fire pit

Are you ready to turn your backyard into an ultimate venue for shared celebration and private relaxation? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your trusted outdoor living designer and builder in the Northeast Dallas area. No matter your style preferences and outdoor living requirements, we can create a space that speaks to your personal tastes and preferred use. Allow us to take your outdoor living to the next level!

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Count on Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake for the Perfect Custom-Designed Screened Porch

Once again we hit a sweet spot with the right design, the right materials, and the right setting, resulting in outdoor-living magic. Of course, we can’t take credit for the setting!


This time the magic is in Southlake, TX, where Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake created a beautiful retreat by screening in a covered patio. All the details for this project came together perfectly to produce a screened porch the homeowners will enjoy for many years. With an extra dollop of creativity, we even whipped up a one-of-a-kind planter recessed into the new patio for an herb garden you will want for yourself.

Shade is Great, But Screened-In Shade Is Better!

These homeowners in the Southlake TX area enjoyed their covered patio but wanted to improve their outdoor experience by screening in the space. They’d finally had enough of pesky insects. Their tranquil backyard view will seem even more tranquil when they’re not battling mosquitoes and other pests.

— Before; the covered patio offered little protection from mosquitoes and other pests.

Southlake TX patio and screened porch builder Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake designed a charming, comfortable screened porch for the clients. And their request for a built-in planter to hold their herb garden did not go unheard. (Did we tell you we’re great listeners?)

From Floor to Ceiling, a Winning Screened Porch Design

To give their porch floor a new personality, the homeowners selected a stain-and-stamp design called Baltic cobblestone with a base color of French cream and a walnut release. We used the walnut release in the grout lines, too, for an extra dimension of detail. We installed the stain-and-stamp concrete as an overlay on the existing patio and extended the new patio beyond the original to create a grilling area.


At the far end of this extended patio, we built a recessed planter, perfect for the clients’ herb garden. The homeowners are completely delighted with the way it turned out, and we are, too. This is an excellent example of a custom patio design!


We redid the porch ceiling with tongue-and-groove pine stained in dark walnut and added extra walnut stain to get the finish just right. For creature comforts, we installed recessed lighting in the ceiling and replaced the ceiling fan with one that matched the new ceiling.


At the End of the Day, A Screened Porch is All About the Screens


We used the Screeneze Screen Porch System in Bronze to screen the porch. The Screeneze framing system is Screeneze also available in White, Sand, and Clay. Bronze works here with the porch’s dark walnut color scheme. We also created an X-shaped barn-style cedar knee wall for the screened porch. We stained the wood dark walnut with extra walnut stain for an extra rich finish to match the porch ceiling.


If you’re ready for a screened porch, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can design your fabulous, new screened porch from scratch or create one by screening in your existing covered porch. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake Creates Stunning Covered Patio in Dallas, TX

Does this combination outdoor living space resemble the covered patio of your dreams?


If you close your eyes and imagine your back yard without any outdoor living structures, a blank slate, what would you create there? Where would you start?

The very best place to start is at a design consultation with Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, of course. If your back yard is a blank canvas, you need expert design guidance. You can trust Archadeck, an experienced Dallas-area design-and-build firm, to skillfully coordinate the elements you want to include in your new outdoor living space.


The magnificent Dallas, TX, outdoor living space you see here is just this kind of dream project that started with a blank canvas. The homeowners wanted to have the entire project designed cohesively, not put together piecemeal. They provided Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake their wish list, everything they wanted in their outdoor living space. We designed the perfect combination of outdoor structures to meet their needs. Let’s take a look.

It All Begins with a Patio … and What a Patio!


This is not just any patio, but a 750-sq.-ft. patio. Archadeck, your Dallas patio designer, can help you determine the size patio that’s right for your yard, your home, and your lifestyle. We pay careful attention to the ways you want to use your patio and how many elements you want to include on the patio.

  • A grill or a full-size outdoor kitchen?
  • An outdoor kitchen or an outdoor kitchen and bar?
  • A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace?
  • One dining table, or more than one?
  • Comfortable outdoor lounge furniture?

And we’re just getting started! As you can see, there are quite a few elements to consider, and each one takes up space on your patio. An experienced patio designer like Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake will make sure the new patio is large enough to function in all the ways you have in mind.


Details: This patio surface is stain and stamp concrete. The pattern is Roman slate, the base color is bone, and the release color is walnut.

Texas Patios Need a Patio Cover!

Here in Dallas TX, we appreciate the beauty and practicality of a good, sturdy patio cover, which serves several purposes. The most obvious reason to have a covered patio is for protection from sun and rain. You feel about 10 degrees cooler when you’re in the shade. Another important purpose is to visually define the space intended for dining, lounging, and/or entertaining. You won’t need a big sign with an arrow indicating, The Party Is Over Here. Finally, the patio cover can be used as a design element to visually tie the outdoor living space in with the home. In this project, we mimicked the home’s roof style and matched the shingles so the patio looks original to the home.


Details: The patio roof’s shingles match those of the home. The beautiful, tongue-and-groove wood ceiling features recessed lighting and four ceiling fans. An area this large needs more than the customary one or two ceiling fans. Notice that a portion of this patio is not covered. The homeowners can enjoy sitting in the sunshine on cooler days, and they have the option to sit out under the stars at night. Most of the supporting posts are designed as columns wrapped in cedar, while two in the outdoor kitchen area are wrapped in stone to match the kitchen and fireplace stonework.

An Outdoor Kitchen that Anticipates Your Every Need!

You can tell these homeowners enjoy entertaining and cooking outdoors. Not every outdoor kitchen we build features this many elements. Every one of our outdoor kitchen designs is custom-tailored to meet the needs of a specific client.


Details: This is a 28-ft., L-shaped outdoor kitchen and bar with an 8-inch backsplash. For the stonework we used San Saba sawn Autumn Blend chopped stone. The beautiful counters are chocolate Lueders limestone. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with the following appliances: Turbo griddle, Grand Turbo grill, Big Green Egg smoker, True coolers, True icemaker, and Turbo trash can. The backsplash features illuminated electrical outlets that are covered for safety.

Everyone Loves an Outdoor Fireplace!


Some clients have trouble deciding whether they want an outdoor fireplace or a smaller fire feature like a fire pit. We custom design any fire feature we include in a client’s outdoor living space. Often, the deciding factor is scale. A fire pit works better in a smaller, more compact patio space. A large project like the one pictured here is well-suited for a large-scale outdoor fireplace. We especially like the way this Dallas, TX, stone fireplace occupies a corner of the covered patio. It isn’t just in the space, it’s part of the stone structure holding up the patio roof. And of course it’s the perfect place to mount an outdoor large-screen TV.

Details: The outdoor fireplace and seating walls are made of the same San Saba sawn Autumn Blend chopped stone used in the outdoor kitchen. The fireplace features gas logs.

Elegant Amenities Add Style and Creature Comforts

We call a project like this a “combination outdoor living space” because it’s made by combining several outdoor living structures designed to work in harmony. The effect is not just a patio, a kitchen, or a fireplace, but a melding of these into one cohesive, enjoyable space. A client’s style is reflected in their choices of materials used for the patio surface, ceiling, stonework, etc. These Dallas, TX, clients have taken the concept a step further in terms of aesthetics and practical comforts.


Details: Two gas-burning fire bowls grace the side of the covered patio near the fireplace, opposite the outdoor kitchen. The fire bowls are beautiful in daylight; imagine how stunning they will be at night with their dancing gas flames! For creature comforts, the area features three electric heaters installed near the ceiling of the covered patio. Each heater has speakers attached on either end – for the sound system. We love this touch!


Beyond the Covered Patio: Softscapes and Privacy Wall

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we offer additional services beyond the many hardscape, porch, and deck projects we design and build. These Dallas, TX, clients engaged us to design and install softscapes for the area including landscaping borders around trees and flower beds. The project also included a 15-ft. privacy wall.

Don’t trust anyone else to design and build your dream outdoor living space. To make sure all of the features you want outdoors come together as a cohesive area for relaxing, dining, and entertaining in style, call Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This Modern Dallas TX Rooftop Kitchen Takes Outdoor Living to New Heights

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake was recently called upon to build a unique and beautiful Downtown Dallas outdoor kitchen, and we are thrilled to share the finished project with you! This sleek outdoor living design is not only chock full of usable kitchen appeal, but if you long to cook and entertain outdoors with a view – well, this is the way to achieve it!

— Dallas TX rooftop outdoor kitchen with a view.

Seriously metro chic outdoor kitchen

This elegant design defies the typical rustic appeal of outdoor kitchens and takes on a truly metropolitan aesthetic. The continuous lines of the brick, which was perfectly matched to the existing townhome’s exterior, creates a streamlined air. Speaking of air, who wouldn’t want to spend time cooking in the open-air setting of this townhouse rooftop patio? Atop this polished kitchen design are Texas harvested Lueders stone prep tops and surfaces.

— NE Dallas outdoor kitchen on rooftop patio.

What this outdoor kitchen design isn’t missing, is electrical outlets and gas lines for grilling and cooking on the cook-top. And, of course, what Dallas TX outdoor kitchen is complete without a Big Green Egg? We can almost smell the ribs and brisket! In addition to cooking, smoking, and grilling accommodations, this kitchen has ample storage and stainless accent doors.

You might wonder how we accommodated a rooftop kitchen build?

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is a master outdoor living designer and builder. Our expertise doesn’t end with a stunning design, but we facilitate every iota of planning and building. When it came to getting the building materials to the roof, we employed the use of a skylift. If you think your urban abode is out of our realm of expertise for outdoor living design and construction, think again! We will work with you to make your project happen – downtown, suburbs, or rural – we’ve got you covered!

— Complete rooftop outdoor kitchen design in downtown Dallas.

Are you ready to cook in the open air, and enjoy the view at your home? Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your trusted outdoor kitchen designer and builder in the Northeast Dallas area. No matter your venue, we can create a space that speaks to your personal tastes and preferred use. Allow us to take your outdoor living to new heights!

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Must-see Heath Texas Screened in Covered Patio Abode

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, recently completed this incredible screened in patio project in Heath, Texas, where the homeowners were looking to expand their outdoor living horizons. We not only added some finishing touches to their existing covered patio area, but we extended the entire space for ultimate usability. The result is a spectacular relaxation and entertainment venue for these homeowners and their guests.

— Heath TX screened in covered patio with open gable roof,

We broke this covered patio right out of its shell!

Truly, just about any size covered patio serves some function. Small, open patios are great spaces of respite, but if you long for the ultimate use of your patio, an expansive space with screens is the way to go! For this patio, we used SCREENEZE® screening, and gave the homeowners two points of exit with two PCA screen doors.

— Heath TX screened patio with SCREENEZE porch screening.

Floor-to-ceiling customization defines this exquisite screened patio

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake created a new flooring aesthetic for the existing patio, which carries out onto the new patio space. We used acid stained, smooth concrete in a dark walnut finish. This rich brown gives the space a natural appeal and creates a cohesive aesthetic between the existing and new patio areas.

— Acid stained concrete patio floor in Heath TX.

We installed a pine tongue and groove ceiling in the existing and new covered patio areas, stained with dark walnut. The high, open gable will allow ultimate airflow and light entry into the space, aided by two large skylights. For the perfect rustic air, we installed exposed beams, and gave them a high-contrast finish with shagbark stain, a saturated dark chocolate hue!

— Pine tongue and groove covered patio ceiling with skylights and exposed beams.

We also used stained cedar to match the exposed beams for the screen walls’ structural posts and fireplace mantel.

— Warm and inviting covered and screened patio in Heath TX.

You might say, “I’ll never have a space that lovely!”

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake says, “You can have a beautiful custom screened porch or patio now!” We would love to discuss your outdoor living needs, and help you design your dream screened in backyard oasis. We can help you achieve all your goals for outdoor relaxation and entertaining, just like we did for these Heath TX homeowners!

— Screened covered patio with custom design touches in Heath, Texas.

Take a look at the dramatic before and after! This family will see many more hours in their backyard with this patio expansion. The additional roofed space will protect them from the elements, and the screens will keep pests at bay. The extended flagstone grill patio will give the cook easy access into and out of the patio, right outside one of the screened doors.

If you have been thinking of upgrades for your backyard, it’s a great time to act!

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is ready to help you design a space that will best serve your outdoor living needs.
Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

“L” is for Lovely Lueders stone L-shaped Outdoor Living Design!

At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we relish the idea of improving the way folks use their outdoor spaces. Whether we are designing and building a new space from scratch, or working to extend and enhance an existing outdoor living design, our goal is to always deliver our client’s vision of the perfectly usable space. This Richardson TX patio project is a great example of a wonderfully revamped outdoor living area.

We want to be your Dallas patio builder too!

These Richardson, Texas, homeowners imagined an improved way of life outside their home. With an existing small covered patio, they had in mind how their space could become more beautiful and usable. We designed a one-of-a-kind space that delivered on both needs.

— Stain & stamp patio, outdoor kitchen, and fire pit design in Richardson, TX.

We first worked to extend their existing patio space. To do so, we overlaid the current patio, and poured a brand new patio extension, including the area leading to their hot tub. We added a stain and stamp finish throughout the entire patio floor, in Ashlar slate and charcoal gray.

— Richardson TX stain and stamp patio.

Cooking outdoors will be a breeze in this outdoor kitchen design!

This family enjoys grilling outdoors, and we created an improved solution, which will have them making excuses to do so! This gorgeous outdoor kitchen was created in a usable L-shape layout, and includes not only a built-in stainless grill, but also an ice chest for cold beverages!

— Richardson, TX, outdoor kitchen design.

The kitchen was built using multi-colored Lueders stone, a beautiful complement to the stain and stamp patio design. The natural stone colors are classic, and will still be stylish for many years to come. There is a ton of food prep and serving space, along with a functional drink ledge, which surrounds the kitchen space. We even created a custom ledge to incorporate the ice chest.

For ambiance and fun, just add fire!

The custom radius seating wall was created with Lueders stone to match the outdoor kitchen, and surrounds a gorgeous fire pit of the same materials. The seating wall incorporates a backrest and the same design structure as the kitchen, with a raised drink ledge.

— Richardson, TX, custom fire pit and seating wall design.

Gather ‘round with friends and family for fun and conversation any time of year. If you’re looking for a super usable backyard upgrade, a custom fire feature can achieve it for you!

— Stain and stamp patio design with custom fire pit and seating wall.

If you have been thinking of upgrades for your backyard, this is a great time to act! Allow Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to help you achieve your dream outdoor living area, with custom entertaining amenities!
Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Could Your Home Use a Backyard Transformation Like This One in Grapevine, TX?

Ho hum, another builder-grade patio … but wait … SHAZAM!

What a transformation expert patio builder Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake brought to this back yard in Grapevine, TX. Before consulting with Archadeck, all these clients had out back was a builder-grade concrete pad walkout barely a few feet deep. This was not an outdoor living space. Obviously, they needed a whole lot more if they were going to enjoy leisure time outdoors at home.

— Before & after image of this Grapevine, TX, backyard.

Here’s an overview of the steps we took to improve this back yard exponentially by creating a multi-faceted outdoor living space that’s beautiful and functional:

• Extended the concrete pad for a usable-size space
• Created an amazing stain-and-stamp surface for the larger concrete patio
• Added a patio cover for much-needed shade
• Added an outdoor kitchen with just the features the clients wanted

Not Just Build … Design and Build!

As you may know, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake does more than just build covered patios and outdoor kitchens. We don’t “just” build anything. We design and build custom outdoor living solutions to bring homeowners’ dreams to life. Design is a very big part of what we do, and it’s not to be glossed over.

The design process is where you, the homeowners, lay out all of your ideas about your dream outdoor living space. We listen. We ask questions. We show you pictures of past projects – not that we’ll copy those projects – to generate more ideas. We talk about materials. Our objective is to design an outdoor living space that meets your needs and is absolutely perfect for the way you want to enjoy the outdoors.

In the case of these Grapevine, TX, homeowners, they wanted a covered patio that had plenty of space for relaxing, cooking, and dining outdoors. That’s what we delivered.

Not Just Any Stain-and-Stamp Patio

If you take a close look at the flooring pictured in this photo, you may think you’re looking at vintage hardwood floors. Not so! This is actually a stain-and-stamp creation that forms the base for this Grapevine, TX, covered patio. Yes, it’s a patio! The wood deck stamp pattern was designed to mimic the look of hardwood floors that have developed character over time. The stain color we used was Maplewood with a charcoal release.

The inspiration for this beautiful, stain-and-stamp “wood-like” concrete flooring was ceramic tile patterned with a wood-grain appearance that decorators have used in recent years for interior flooring. Ceramic is great for kitchens and other indoor rooms, but concrete will perform better outdoors. It’s a trend with a twist!

Another twist to the patio design – it’s round at one end. That’s right, one end of the patio finds closure along a straight line while the other end is circular for visual interest. Now you see what we mean when we say each outdoor living project is unique and custom-designed for one client. You won’t find this design repeated down the street.

Not Just a Shade Cover, a Beautiful Patio Cover

We added an open gable roof over the patio to supply maximum shade. We were able to match the home’s shingles, so although it’s an addition, it blends in and looks original to the home. The ceiling of this patio cover is tongue-and-groove pine that we stained with walnut color. For continuity, we replaced the original ceiling (the one over the tiny, builder-grade concrete pad) with the same walnut-stained tongue-and-groove design to match the new ceiling. We also installed a “back boy” wall in the covered portion to add aesthetics as well as a “chicken foot” Queen truss at the gable end. The posts supporting the patio cover are wrapped in cedar for a rich, finished appearance. All painted areas and gutters were done in a chocolate color to match the house.

Having a ceiling over the patio allows us to hide electrical wiring for the installation of recessed lighting and a ceiling fan. If this patio can’t keep the clients cool, nothing will.

Not Somebody Else’s Outdoor Kitchen

This Grapevine, TX, outdoor kitchen shows that Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake will not try to upsell you more outdoor kitchen than you need. Sure, we have installed patio kitchens with all the bells and whistles, but not everyone wants or needs that much convenience. Remember, we listen to you.

When we know what you want in an outdoor kitchen, we design a beautiful – and beautifully functional – outdoor kitchen around your wishlist. As your Northeast Dallas outdoor kitchen builder, we are not there to prove what we can do on a grand scale (unless that IS what you want). We are confident in our abilities, and we serve you best by building the kitchen you want at the scale you prefer.

This new outdoor kitchen in Grapevine, TX, features Mills End chopped stone with gray Lueders stone tops. It includes a grill, side burners, and a trash receptacle, plus electrical outlets along the backsplash where the homeowners can plug in their small appliances.

These Grapevine, TX, homeowners are thrilled with their new and improved outdoor living space complete with their own just-right outdoor kitchen. They’ve already started preparing meals and dining outdoors. They’re ecstatic that they don’t have to face the summer outdoor grilling season on a tiny builder-grade concrete pad.

If you are ready to create the outdoor living space you need, don’t wait any longer. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to design your dream outdoor living space! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

A Dallas TX Patio Extension and Outdoor Fireplace for a Fairytale Back Yard

When it comes to designing custom backyard spaces, our goal is to create something worthy of the setting – something that will enhance or improve what is already there. This utopian backyard paradise offered a pristine canvas for this custom flagstone patio extension and outdoor fireplace addition.

When we met with this Dallas TX homeowner, she expressed a desire for an enhanced outdoor living experience for her lush back yard. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is pleased to have had the opportunity to play a role in creating a truly remarkable space. This homeowner had the literal groundwork laid long before we arrived. This fanciful landscape was created by her imagination and her own hand!

— Dallas flagstone patio design and chopped stone outdoor fireplace.

The flagstone patio was extended, without interruption of continuity.

This backyard escape had an existing natural flagstone patio, under cover of a cedar pergola. We perfectly matched the existing flagstone, and seamlessly extended the patio to accommodate a new outdoor fireplace and better use of the space overall. The extension begins at the pergola’s support post – with no line of demarcation or evidence of new versus existing materials!

— Flagstone patio extension in Dallas, TX.

See more patios by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake!

This dreamy outdoor fireplace, though!

We created this one-of-a-kind chopped outdoor stone fireplace to play in perfect color harmony with the flagstone material used for the patio. What makes this fireplace so special is how it complements the rustic aesthetic of the patio and cedar pergola in this fanciful setting. The space on the whole, is a perfect mix of soft textures, vibrant foliage, randomness, and symmetry. The curve of the patio edge and seating wall of the fireplace are in keeping with the organic aura of the entire space, while the stately pergola balances the design with its stringent lines. Though substantial in size and bold in its design, the outdoor wood-burning fireplace does not detract from its beautiful surroundings!

See the original patio.

— Existing flagstone patio before work began.

As you can see, this back yard was already great. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake was the vehicle for this creative homeowner’s vision of an enhanced backyard haven. This outdoor living design is bold and unassuming at once, created by expert planning and execution from corner to corner.

— This Dallas covered patio and outdoor fireplace are beautiful from every angle!

If you are ready to create your own backyard sanctuary, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to design your dream outdoor living space! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Small, Yet Impactful Coppell TX Covered Patio

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we love a patio makeover. Patios are sometimes simple gathering spaces, but even so, can offer lots of use and character.

These Coppell TX homeowners had an existing open patio, which they imagined improved use of. We Texans understand the obvious benefits of shade in our favorite outdoor areas. As an experienced patio builder, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake offered this family a simple shade solution, which will keep their view from within the patio space intact. Check out the difference in this new and improved patio nook!

— Essential sun protection is provided under-roof on this covered patio.

There’s something missing from this Coppell TX patio

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake designed a custom covered patio to provide needed shade for this family. Another contractor might have opted to build the patio roof atop support posts. Due to the size and poolside location of this patio nook, we designed a roof without support posts. The absence of the posts frees up much-need space on the patio, and also maintains an unimpeded view out into the backyard expanse. This is especially important poolside so that swimmers can be watched from within any area of the covered patio.

— When open views are preferred, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake will provide a solution.

We tied the patio roof into the surrounding exterior walls of the home in order to forego typical posts. Notice how beautifully the interior and exterior trim of the new patio roof ties into the home’s exterior trim. These are custom details, which are always addressed in our outdoor living projects.

— We apply finishing touches that will create a cohesive design aesthetic between new and existing materials.

Archadeck details don’t fall short, even in small spaces

Though small, this Archadeck patio cover still maximizes its designer impact. We finished the ceiling with pine tongue and groove, which made way for clean installation of electrical wiring for the ceiling fan and recessed lighting. This space will be super-usable on hot days, and even after dark!

— Tongue and groove patio cover ceiling with recessed lighting and ceiling fan.

A fun new spin on the former open patio design

The patio that existed before merely lacked a roof to make it perfect. We provided the roof, and even added a patio swing for additional use. What kid wouldn’t love this *FUN*ctional spin?

— Fun covered patio swing for added use.

These homeowners were able to chuck their outdoor umbrella from the space, which they had clung to, for some semblance of sun protection while using their patio. The new patio cover offers a completely different way of outdoor living. This patio is now a relaxing poolside lounge, which will see much more use!

Are you ready to reimagine your existing open patio with a custom covered patio design? Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to help! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This White Rock Dallas Travertine Patio Sets the Stage for Entertaining

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake took a patio that was and turned it to a patio that is. Is unique. Is beautiful. Is functional.

This family, who lives in the White Rock area of Dallas, expressed a desire for an updated patio to accommodate outdoor entertaining. They had a patio made of concrete slabs, but saw themselves enjoying a newer, better space with friends and family. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake gave them a beautiful, functional travertine patio.

Mix up your Dallas patio design!

This travertine stone patio design is proof positive that color and pattern mixing create truly unique spaces. When it comes to “matching” outdoor building materials, it is not necessary to actually match the new finishes to the existing. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake’s experienced patio designers can recommend choice materials that will complement your home’s exterior finishes, without perfectly matching them. Isn’t it fun to be unique?

This beautiful travertine finish is called Noche, which translates to English words, night, evening, and even gloomy. We prefer to call it dusk! This gorgeous dusky-hued natural stone is a beautiful complement to this home’s brick color palette.

See more patios by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake!

What else is unique about this White Rock patio?

We’re glad you asked! This open, spacious patio is perfect in its natural setting, surrounded by mature oak trees. Not only does it feature a custom travertine “grand step” out into the back yard and a curvilinear step up into the home, but take a look at the matching seating walls on either corner.

The beauty of seating walls is not only in the materials used to build them, but in their fabulous function in a patio space. You see, patios fill up with outdoor accoutrements, like grills, lounge chairs, or even dining furniture. Edging the patio with additional seating is a very smart choice for overflow seating for entertaining, without impeding the usable space. They are also lovely features, as we mentioned, and lend themselves to holding potted plants and other decorative items when not in use. Seating walls are great all-around performers on a custom patio!

Are you ready to re-imagine your old patio? Your premier local patio builder, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to help! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake Provides Custom Solution to One-of-a-Kind Design Challenge

Outdoor living just became a lot more comfortable for these homeowners in the Dallas neighborhood of Preston Hollow.

— Stunning new screened pool cover in Preston Hollow designed and built by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake.

Problem: You love to read beside your backyard pool but the feeding frenzy of hungry mosquitoes prevents you from enjoying your outdoor living space.

Solution: A new screened pool cover and detached cabana designed and built by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake. Done!

— Custom detached screened cabana.

Sometimes your situation calls for a unique solution, and this is one of those times. Many homeowners who love the outdoors and can’t bear the unrelenting attack of mosquitoes simply add a screened porch onto their house. Ah, but our clients in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas have a pool in their back yard. They wanted to keep mosquitoes away from the pool, which isn’t close enough to the house for a screened porch design to provide the solution.

— The perfect place to escape in a good book!

Screened room and patio builder Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake worked with them to design a solution to meet all their outdoor living needs. We created a screened enclosure over the pool with a matching screened cabana nearby. Now these homeowners enjoy an idyllic spot where they can read and commune with nature – while protected from those pesky mosquitoes. The screened cabana is the perfect getaway destination for an avid reader.

Twenty-first Century Materials, Mid-century Modern Aesthetic

The clients had purchased this Preston Hollow home when they were downsizing. The home’s architectural style is mid-century modern, so we designed the pool cover and screened cabana to blend with that style. However, thanks to improvements in screening technology over the decades, some of the materials we used would not have been available when the home was built.

— Preston Hollow backyard before we began the project.

The homeowners asked for a rustic look with cedar and pine. The screened structures have pine tongue-and-groove ceilings with a clear coat stain that brings out the wood’s light color. The walls are cedar and the posts are cedar which we stained in walnut. We matched their home’s shed roof, which goes a long way to tying the new structures in with the style of the home.

— Preston Hollow backyard oasis after the project was completed.

We used aluminum doors in order to ensure a good seal to keep those mosquitoes out! The frame of these two screened rooms is a Screeneze screening system. The material is aluminum and window-grade PVC (vinyl) with a UV inhibitor. For the screening material, the clients selected TEXTILENE® nano 50 screen, previously SuperScreen™, a premium screening product. SuperScreen is made of coated polyester and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. These amazing screens offer increased resistance to punctures and tears and better protection from damage by pets, the sun’s UV rays, and mildew. For the flooring in the cabana and around the pool we used beautiful walnut travertine tiles.

— Travertine and Cedar, the perfect rustic combination!

As you can see, the results are beautiful and solved the homeowners’ mosquito problem. The design of their new outdoor living space complements the home’s mid-century style beautifully. They won’t miss another pleasant day of relaxing and reading outdoors.

If the outdoor living space you’re dreaming of presents a design challenge, bring it on! Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to custom design a solution for you. Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

See This Rockwall TX Home Come Full-Circle with Front-to-Back Improvements

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we offer custom spaces for any outdoor living need, and that doesn’t mean just back yards.

This family in Rockwall, Texas, had a backyard pool area that needed to be upgraded to facilitate more usable space. From their covered patio area, all the way to the elevated café style patio space, and even around to their front porch, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake offered aesthetic and lifestyle enhancements.

— New, natural finishes create a cohesive design aesthetic from edge-to-edge.

Call on us for your custom Dallas area patio design!

For these homeowners, we took out the paver floor under their covered patio, removed the aggregate patio and paver trim surrounding the pool, as well as the flagstone steps and patio on the opposite side of the pool, and replaced all with warm and inviting walnut-colored Travertine.

— The Travertine is complementary to any existing masonry – both brick and stone, in this case.

Travertine is not only a beautiful, natural stone patio choice, but it is also long-lasting, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly. The gorgeous earthen colors are perfect in any outdoor living area!

— The travertine patio creates an elegant transition amongst the rustic stone wall.

Stamp and stain patio addition for grilling and dining.

The materials mix throughout this backyard space is truly beautiful. We extended the patio to one side, creating a perfect grill-and-chill nook. This gorgeous patio was created with stamp and stain. The stamp is a flagstone/fieldstone pattern with a Roman slate texture. The patio finish is a custom tri-color stain, using terra cotta, walnut, and bone.

— The multi-colored patio stain application gives a true natural stone aesthetic.

— A perfect mix of patio materials for the win!

Where before pool equipment was out in full-view, we built a custom cedar fence enclosure to shield it from view and the elements. The richness of the cedar offers a beautiful solution to an unsightly problem and creates additional storage for loose outdoor items.

— What a great area for hiding pool mechanics and storing pool accoutrements.

Full Circle — A front porch facelift completes the look.

Just as we mentioned before, outdoor living upgrades aren’t just for back yards. The front of your home is the first thing your visitors will see, so why not make a great first impression? We removed the existing tile from the front porch and replaced it with matching walnut travertine, bringing this Rockwall, TX, home full-circle.

— A little update went a long way with this new travertine front porch.

Is your pool area in need of upgrades too?

If you are looking for new ideas for your existing patio or porch, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to help! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This Heath TX Covered Patio Becomes a Mecca for Poolside Entertaining

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake has so many clients, who have an existing outdoor living space that they just wish better served their needs. This Heath, Texas, covered patio was one such project.

Ahhhhh, this poolside covered patio project makes us want for a good-ol’ Sunday summertime cookout with family and friends! This beautiful backyard expanse offered itself up for a few crucial improvements that vastly increased the outdoor living experience for this Heath family. Do you have a good backyard pool area that could be made great with a few custom Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake touches? Well, get ready to fire up the barbeque!

Improved Covered Patio

These homeowners enjoy their covered patio, and longed for a few upgrades to make it even better than before. We extended the patio cover by a mere three feet, but in doing so, offered sunshade for folks, who want to sit directly poolside. The new and improved patio cover includes custom cedar-wrapped columns, painted white.

— Substantial cedar-wrapped posts make a bold statement.

See more covered patios by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake.

The interior of the patio cover boasts a hand-applied pine tongue and groove finished ceiling, also painted white, offering a clean and bright aesthetic. The finished ceiling allowed for installation of a large ceiling fan, recessed lighting as well as electrical for lighting on the cedar posts.

— Cooling off on hot days will be easy under this patio cover.

Extended Patio & Outdoor Kitchen

We expanded the existing aggregate patio, and gave it a very important functional upgrade – a custom outdoor kitchen! Like many of our clients before them, this family wished for better outdoor cooking accommodations. We gave them a custom kitchen with five burners, a sink, and a warming drawer.

- Outdoor kitchen with sink and warming drawer food prep island.

Creating an outdoor kitchen area is not only beautiful and functional for the outdoor living space, but it brings the cook into the party area. Many times, outdoor grilling is done out of the way of partygoers and the grill master is separated from their guests.

— Expanded poolside patio with outdoor kitchen with full amenities & grill-side seating.

The kitchen was created with Oklahoma chopped stone and gray Lueders stone tops with beautiful hand-chiseled edges. Notice there are two separate components to this kitchen – one for food prep and clean-up and one for cooking.

See more outdoor kitchen designs by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake!

Are you like this Heath Texas family? Do you have a nice poolside retreat that could be made even better with a few critical upgrades?

— Before, the patio was large, but less accommodating.

If you are looking to create your ideal outdoor entertaining space with a covered patio and outdoor kitchen, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to help you achieve it! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

See Us at The 40th Spring Dallas Texas Home and Garden Show March 1st - 3rd!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake is ready to show you all the ways in which we can improve your outdoor living this spring! Mosey on over to booth #428 and sit a spell to discuss your new backyard project.

If this year’s Groundhog Day prediction is accurate and Punxsutawney Phil is to be trusted, spring will be here early this year. While we might not hang our hats on the weather, as foretold by a groundhog, we know that you will want your new outdoor living project to be ready at the first sign of spring. Imagine warm breezes, beautiful sunshine, and loved ones all around on your new custom patio by Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake. Sounds great, right? We know!

It doesn’t matter if your home has an outdoor space in need of new life, or you’re starting from scratch, we have design experts ready to discuss your ideal outdoor living space. We build completely custom patios from basic to all-inclusive “I didn’t even know you could do that to a patio!” designs. Need ideas? Don’t know where to begin? Set your worries aside and let us guide you through each design consideration.

Talk to us about your outdoor living needs and aspirations. These days, everyone loves adding custom fire features to their outdoor living design, and we’ve got those covered too! Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is the area’s expert outdoor fire feature builder. Ready to take to cookin’ outdoors too? Well, we’re ready to get you there in style with a new custom outdoor kitchen.

If you’re itchin’ to spring into action on your dream outdoor living space, we’ll be there to help you realize it. All you have to do is come, see us!

March 1 – 3, 2019 Booth #428
40th Spring Dallas Texas Home & Garden Show
Dallas Market Hall
2200 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75207

For more information about the home and garden show, or your new project, contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

An Aging, Disjointed Patio Transformed into a Stylish, Usable Patio Expanse!

Outdoor spaces of yesteryear are not always up to par for today’s outdoor living needs. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake gave these North Dallas homeowners a new space with a cohesive design for ultimate usability and aesthetics.

These N. Dallas homeowners expressed a desire to expand their use of their covered and uncovered patio spaces. With a covered concrete slab under the protection of a roof and a lower-level uncovered patio, they were not able to use the space as a whole. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake designed and built a fantastic solution to bring the old spaces together, giving them a beautiful, seamless patio design.

— What a difference a new North Dallas patio makes!

Stain and Stamp Concrete Patio.

To reconcile the disjointed feel of the two distinct spaces for this family, we poured a brand new stain and stamp patio and did an overlay on the existing covered patio. We stamped the entire concrete patio with an ashlar slate stamp and Roman slate texture and applied an autumn brown stain with a charcoal release.

— Muted browns and grays create a perfect anchoring color palette for the outdoor living space!

This beautiful stain and stamp patio expanse affords enough room for cooking and al fresco dining for this North Dallas family and their loved ones.

— Extra-wide step offers a seamless transition from the higher side of the patio to the back yard.

Hello, beautiful fire pit!

When it comes to outdoor living, backyard fire features have so much to offer. Not only do they offer a great area for conversing with friends and family or private relaxation, but they provide warmth on cool evenings and ambiance for any evening! This gas fire pit will eliminate the muss and fuss of its wood-burning counterparts.

— A substantial seating wall surrounds this gorgeous fire pit filled with lava rock.

The fire pit and seat wall surround were constructed with Granbury gray chopped stone, and the tops are capped with gray Lueders stone. The earthen colors of the fire pit work in beautiful color harmony with the exterior of the home, as well as the new patio.

— Seamless patio design with a custom fire pit in North Dallas.

Don’t keep trying to live with your unlivable outdoor space.

Is your current outdoor living space feeling more like an outdoor unlivable space? Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can offer a variety of solutions to bring your current space up to snuff! Whether it’s replacing an aging patio like this one, or building a brand new outdoor living space, we are up for the challenge. Tell us how you see yourself living in an improved outdoor living area, and we will design and build your perfect solution.

Take a look at some of our before and after photos to see what a difference an Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake can make!

— The patios before were two distinctly different spaces with not much usability on the whole.

Do you have an aging patio in need of new life? Call on Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to breathe new life into your old outdoor living space!

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

The Pleasure of Entertaining is Amplified With This North Dallas Combination Outdoor Living Space

When you love to entertain, and your outdoor living space consists of a small patio, what do you do? You call North Dallas patio builder Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake about a bigger patio, that’s what you do. And while you’re working on this, how about covering part of that big patio with a roof and adding an outdoor kitchen and a fire feature, too.

That’s exactly what these North Dallas homeowners did. We understood right away they wanted plenty of entertaining space with amenities to supply their guests’ every need while enjoying the patio.

When You Need It All: The Combination Outdoor Living Space

When you add other structures to your North Dallas patio, what you have is a combination outdoor living space. As you include more elements – the patio cover, outdoor kitchen and the fire pit – the project becomes more than just the sum of its parts. It becomes a cohesive mix of beauty, form and function where everything you need for entertaining friends is within reach. No more running back into the house to cook or retrieve cold food from the refrigerator. You can relax and enjoy your own parties when you have a combination outdoor living space designed and built by Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake.

Luxurious Patio With a Textured Stain and Stamp Surface

To create the larger patio these clients needed, we extended the original concrete patio. Since both the old and new sections of the patio would be uniformly covered with a stain and stamp overlayment, there was no need to demo the original small patio.

For their patio floor, the homeowners selected an ashlar slate stamp and silver mist for the stain color. For the concrete release, which adds a subtle second color to the surface, they chose charcoal gray. The effect is luscious.

An Outdoor Kitchen That all Texas A&M Alums Will Want to Copy

The homeowners had a Texas A&M wall hanging ready to display on the wall, but why stop there? If you look closely, you can see that the handles of their kegerator also boast the school emblem! We suspect that won’t be the end of it. We’d love to check back in a few months’ time to see if we’re correct about that.

We designed a U-shaped outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, sink, refrigerator and kegerator. We were able to build the kitchen structure with bricks matching those of the home’s exterior. Along the outer portion of the U-shaped kitchen, the bricks follow an exquisite diagonal herringbone pattern. The interior side of the outdoor kitchen features the same bricks but laid in a traditional running bond brick pattern. The kitchen countertops are gray Lueders stone, a very popular choice for today’s outdoor kitchens.

A Patio Cover That Lets You Choose: Shade or No Shade, It’s Up To You

Like many of our clients, these homeowners chose to cover part but not all of the large patio. This design allows the ideal situation where family and guests can choose to stay under the patio cover when they want protection from the sun or perhaps rain. When the weather is nice, they have the option of enjoying the uncovered portion of the patio. The ceiling of the patio cover was built with Hardieboard, and we painted it to match the house. The posts for the patio cover are cedar with a dark chocolate stain.

Everybody Loves a Fire Feature!

The North Dallas homeowners opted for a gas-burning fire pit on the patio as well as a seating wall facing it. Both are made of beautiful Granbury chopped stone. For the top surface of the seating wall and the fire pit, we used gray Lueders stone. There is plenty of room around the fire pit for additional seating when needed. Just pull up a chair!

What kind of patio can we build for you? Whether you want a simple patio surface or all the bells and whistles of a combination outdoor living space, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can design the perfect area for your style of relaxing and entertaining outdoors.

Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Year in Review: Let Our Amazing 2018 Outdoor Living Projects Inspire You

If 2018 was as good for you as it was for us, then we are all poised to soar in 2019! As the new year’s calendar pages are already turning, we want to briefly revisit our favorite projects of the past year. We hope these glimpses of our most spectacular 2018 projects provide inspiration for you!

Three Season Room and More in Fort Worth, TX!

These Fort Worth, Texas, homeowners were looking for more use of an outdoor living space. One that they could use for entertaining or private relaxation. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake not only provided a useable space, but multiple areas and custom amenities abound. With only a builder grade patio for outdoor enjoyment, they enlisted our expertise to give them more – so much more!

The design includes a spacious 3-season room with an outdoor fireplace along with a spacious patio and outdoor kitchen area. They’re perfect for relaxing quietly – and perfect for entertaining friends. If you don’t already have one in your outdoor living space, let us design and build the perfect outdoor fireplace or fire pit for your home.

You can read more about this dynamic project in our feature story This is what outdoor living is all about – see this three season room outdoor living combination in Fort Worth, TX.

Southlake, TX, Combination Bi-level Deck, Outdoor Kitchen and Softscape

These Southlake, TX, homeowners called on deck builder Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to design and build an elaborate deck and outdoor kitchen adjacent to their pool. Our design included a bi-level deck with Fortress low-maintenance composite decking impervious to moisture. The deck offers areas for preparing food, dining, lounging and gazing into the homeowners’ hypnotic fire table.

To complete this functional and beautiful outdoor living space, we designed and installed a surrounding softscape of shrubs. We even included a seating wall that serves as a planter. What does this tell you? Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can do it all! Whatever it takes to create your ideal outdoor living space … don’t hold back. Tell us everything it will take to make your outdoor areas more functional and more enjoyable.

You can read more about this project in our story Two Outdoor Kitchen Projects Deliver Maximum Poolside Pleasure.

Heath, TX, Combination Patio, Poolside Cabana, Outdoor Kitchen and Outdoor Fireplace

These homeowners in Heath, TX, wanted a deluxe, free-standing poolside cabana with all of the comforts of home. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake designed a covered patio with a large outdoor fireplace, big TV screen and comfortable seating. Outside of the covered area, their patio includes an outdoor kitchen with bar seating, grill, smoker, griddle and refrigerator. This entire project features the beauty of Oklahoma flagstone. While this combination outdoor living space gives you so many more ways to enjoy a pool, you don’t actually need a pool to enjoy the other structures in this project.

Read more about this project in our focus story Poolside Cabana Completes this Ultimate Backyard Getaway Spot in Heath, TX.

Heath, TX, Combination Covered Patio, Outdoor Kitchen, Custom Fire Pit, Waterfall, Pool Improvements, Landscaping and Fence

In this elaborate combination project, you can see that if you have a pool but don’t love the hardscape surrounding it, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can change that for you! We completely redesigned the hardscape for these clients in Heath, TX. Instead of looking at boulders, they now gaze at waterfalls and fire bowls around their pool. This project features the rich beauty of Lueders stone.

These homeowners opted for a fire pit instead of an outdoor fireplace. A semi-circular stone seating wall facing the fire pit lets you know how much they enjoy a fire pit! What you learn from this project is we don’t always have to build everything from scratch. In some cases, we can upgrade or retrofit elements of your original outdoor living space to achieve the effects you desire. In this project, we not only reconfigured the pool surround, we redesigned a patio cover and second-story porch cover to tie existing structures in with newly-added elements.

As you can see, this swoon-worthy backyard project in Heath TX literally has it all!

Your Takeaway for 2019: If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!

Do you sense a theme? Combination outdoor living spaces are our favorite projects for two reasons. First, they allow us to flex our creative muscles as we work with you to design a complex project pulling together a variety of materials. It’s like putting together a puzzle where we strive to make the most of the way each element of the project impacts and complements the others. Second, we love how a combination project increases our client’s enjoyment of their outdoor living space. Over and over we see that each multi-faceted combination project is so much more than the sum of its parts. Sometimes it amazes us just how true that is.

What outdoor living projects are you contemplating for 2019? Did the projects featured above inspire you? Feel free to make notes of what you like most about these projects, then call Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to schedule your design consultation. We hope to include your outdoor living project this time next year in our review of 2019 favorites!

Make 2019 your best year ever by calling Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today. Let us bring your outdoor living ideas to life with an outdoor living project custom designed for you! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This swoon-worthy backyard project in Heath TX literally has it all

Sit for a spell and take in the grandeur and every little detail of this spectacular backyard make-over in Heath, Texas. See how Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake took this outdoor living space to the next level in design and function!

— Pick any vantage point to view this stunning Heath TX backyard!

Let’s be honest, this grand home already had a great backyard for entertaining. These Heath, TX, homeowners called on Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to improve upon the look, features, and function of their space that would truly make it their own. We worked diligently to deliver, from the custom outdoor kitchen to the waterfall, and all the way down to the gorgeous softscapes. Without further ado, let’s take a walk in this dream backyard!

— Custom, complete backyard makeover in Heath, TX.

This outdoor kitchen leaves no stone unturned!

— Outdoor kitchen flanked with expansive bar top, seating, and chopped Lueders stone columns.

The thoughtfully planned outdoor kitchen was created under cover of a custom shed roof with stamp and stain patio area and walkway. The ceiling has a custom pine tongue and groove finish, stained in dark walnut, and includes a ceiling fan, recessed lighting, and a heater/speaker combo.

— The expanse of stamp and stain patio and walkways was created with a flagstone stamp and walnut stain with a charcoal release.

— Heath TX outdoor kitchen with chopped Lueders stone surround.

This L-shaped kitchen space includes a raised backsplash and chocolate Lueders stone top with hand chiseled finish. Included in the multi-color Lueders chopped stone kitchen surround, you will find a grill, burner, sink, and cooler, along with warming, storage, and access drawers. The raised backsplash facilitates an expansive bar top for serving food and drinks.

A custom fire pit is a welcome addition to any outdoor living area!

Next to the kitchen and bar area, you will find an extension of the stamp and stain patio, with a large chopped stone radius seating area around a custom fire pit, which is gas-burning and will further the use of the space for entertaining. What a great backyard area for conversation!

— Lueders chopped stone seating wall and fire pit with hand-chiseled chocolate Lueders stone tops.

An existing covered patio upgrade was in order!

— Existing patio and second story porch re-designs tie them into the surrounding covered spaces.

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake revamped the covered patio and second story porch with matching pine tongue and groove ceiling and reconfigured the installation of recessed lighting and ceiling fans. A heater/speaker combo unit was installed on the second story. To further tie in the spaces with the overall design, we added chopped Lueders stone columns with hand chiseled chocolate Lueders tops. Stamp and stain patio extends throughout the ground level patio space.

More patio space? No problem!

— Private patio space with seating area in Heath, TX.

We built an additional hip roof covered patio space to accommodate a seating area by the pool. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake seamlessly tied in the new hip roof over this patio space, with shingles and trim that are a perfect match to the home’s existing finishes. In keeping with the design of the entire space, the stamp and stain patio includes a finished pine tongue and groove ceiling stained in dark walnut with recessed lighting, ceiling fan, and a heater/speaker combination unit. This area is flanked with matching chopped Lueders stone columns with hand chiseled chocolate Lueders stone tops. We installed curtain rods and hung outdoor curtains for privacy within the space, which also includes a wall-mounted TV for additional outdoor entertainment options.

Waterfall and pool improvements, landscaping, and cedar fence round off this backyard makeover!

— Chopped stone waterfall wall and walk-in entry to Heath TX pool.

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake demolished the existing boulders on the waterfall around the pool, and replaced all water lines. We installed a matching chopped Lueders stone wall with flagstone tops and coping on the waterfall wall. We added four cascading waterfalls and two gorgeous natural gas fire bowls in oil-rubbed bronze with fire glass rock. Not mention re-plastering the entire pool with medium-blue plaster to ensure a spa-like experience any time of the day! We also added 2” flagstone tile to the new concrete edge and walk-in entry into the pool. The walk-in entry has no edges for a smooth transition. We replaced the stone and coping around the hot tub with multi-colored chopped Lueders stone and matching flagstone caps and coping.

— Heath, TX pool with cascading Lueders stone waterfalls, fire bowls, and flagstone cap.

— Multi-colored chopped Lueders stone hot tub with flagstone top and waterfall edge.

— Chopped Lueders stone landscaping border wall with 2” flagstone tops and coping.

Our landscaping installation included a custom multi-colored Lueders stone border with flagstone caps. We installed gem magnolia trees for privacy, along with Mexican Feather Grass, Agave’s Whale Tongue, White Yucca, Lavender, and Texas Purple Sage.

— Spacious patio area with custom cedar fence around pool equipment in Heath, TX.

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake provided an additional custom and functional element to this expansive backyard area by way of an L-shaped cedar fence to hide and protect the pool equipment. The fence is completely enclosed and includes a latching gate.

Before & After

If you are looking to revamp your already great backyard area, and make it fabulous from edge to edge, call on Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake. We can design your ideal outdoor living spaces to flow for ultimate function and to complement the design of your existing home. If your finishes are becoming outdated, or you see yourself using your backyard more often with a custom design to meet your outdoor living and entertaining needs, we will help bring your dream outdoor living area (or areas) to life!

Do you have a great backyard that you are ready to take to an all new level of luxurious outdoor living? Contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living ideals to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This is what outdoor living is all about – see this three season room outdoor living combination in Fort Worth, TX

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake gave these Fort Worth homeowners a totally custom outdoor living combination that will have them longing to stay at home to enjoy the custom amenities!

These Fort Worth, Texas, homeowners were looking for more use of an outdoor living space. One that they could use for entertaining or private relaxation. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake not only provided a useable space, but multiple areas and custom amenities abound. With only a builder grade patio for outdoor enjoyment, they enlisted our expertise to give them more – so much more!

We’ll begin with the custom Eze-Breeze 3-season room. We were able to attach the outdoor room to the home, matching the gable roof line of the existing home. Important to the addition of a new 3-season room is materials matching. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake carefully matched the existing home’s brick and Hardie board siding and trim to create a cohesive aesthetic. The homeowners chose complementary colors for their Eze-Breeze windows, with beige trim and smoke grey screens. The interior of three season was custom designed with a stain and stamp patio floor in Ashlar Slate pattern, chopped Oklahoma builder stone, custom walnut-stained cedar plank mantel, and a Western fireplace insert with a remote. Other true custom elements really set this room apart, such as the walnut-stained tongue and groove ceiling, French doors to the patio, and large custom Eze-Breeze window openings. See for yourself how every small design detail works to create a collectively beautiful space!

In the market for a Fort Worth three season room builder? Look to Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake for all your outdoor living needs!

— French doors open to create one open area between the 3-season room and patio in this Fort Worth outdoor living space!

— Look at the stunning custom masonry details on the room’s exterior.

— Beautiful cedar tongue and groove ceiling, recessed lighting, ceiling fan, chopped stone fireplace façade, and gable windows set the tone for this custom Fort Worth outdoor living area!

— Stamp and stain flooring is a beautiful complement to this Fort Worth 3-season room – just look at those colors!

— Extra-wide Eze-Breeze window openings with custom beige trim.

The custom patio boasts an outdoor kitchen fit for hosting parties or private enjoyment! Kitchen amenities include a grill, cooktop, refrigerator, and storage drawer. The total area of the kitchen is 15 feet, and the grey lueder stone creates a large area for food prep. The built-in grill surround was made with chopped stone to match the fireplace inside the 3-season room. The patio floor flows from inside the 3-season room, pulling the two separate spaces together perfectly. The custom pergola hangs atop the outdoor kitchen/patio area and was attached with sky lifts, eliminating the need for posts. The shingle top pergola has a tongue and groove ceiling with large exposed beams to further the overall design aesthetic. It’s beautiful from the inside, and protected from outside! A large ceiling fan was installed underneath the pergola for added air circulation on hot days – but it also packs a custom design punch!

— Custom Fort Worth TX outdoor kitchen with stain and stamp patio and pergola roof.

Looking for a Fort Worth outdoor kitchen builder? Look no further than Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake!

— Grill out, eat out…right outside your back door! This chopped stone outdoor kitchen is the perfect usable amenity and it’s beautiful besides!

— Custom tongue & groove ceiling and a ceiling fan are functional and designer elements on this Fort Worth patio with outdoor kitchen!.

— Fort Worth patio with outdoor kitchen.

— Custom Fort Worth pergola, attached to the roof of the 3-season room with sky lifts, attached to the roof – no posts to trip on or run into at night!

In addition to the 3-season room and outdoor kitchen, we installed stain and stamp walkways from the front yard to the back, for easy travel when guests arrive!

— Custom serpentine walkways adorn both sides of the home allowing for easy travel from the front yard to the back, and back again. This will be helpful for large parties and cookouts, where folks can enter from the front gate, and go directly to the back yard!

See the before photo:

— This beautiful home had only a cramped builder grade patio before!

Are you looking for a 3-season room, patio, and outdoor kitchen builder? Contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living visions to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

A Lowly Lakewood Stoop Gets the Boot to Make Way for a Fab Low-maintenance Deck!

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake transformed this outdoor living area into a space that the whole family can enjoy, day or night.

These Lakewood homeowners imagined themselves getting much more enjoyment out of their fabulous backyard area, so they called on us to offer a family-friendly, stylish solution. Before we arrived on the scene, this family had but a stoop by their home – a basic means of traveling to and from their back yard. With children, they needed a space for playtime right outside their door. For themselves, a spot to relax while the kids are at play. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake provided for those needs and more!

— Low-maintenance Lakewood deck.

See why you should choose us as your Dallas deck builder.

We offered this family a low-maintenance outdoor living space with a beautiful Fortress deck. They chose two decking material colors, which beautifully complement their home’s brick exterior. The deck was built using Sahara Sand with framing and accents in Tiger Cove, creating a unique and stylish aesthetic. This composite deck will see this family through many years of use, offering fade, impact, and scratch resistance for their busy outdoor living style.

We offer custom capabilities to set your Lakewood deck apart from the rest!

— Custom Sahara Sand Fortress deck with Tiger Cove framing accents.

Further customization of this low-maintenance deck includes enclosing one side with Fortress railings providing low-voltage riser lighting for use after dark. Extra-wide steps will accommodate much foot traffic for play dates, birthday parties, and any other occasion — and, these steps are so accommodating, even the pecan-swiping resident squirrels might get ample use of them alongside this Lakewood family! At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we will build your new Lakewood outdoor living area to accommodate your whole family and guests – invited or not.

— Two-tone, low-maintenance Dallas deck and railing with low-voltage riser lights.

You don’t have to settle for unaccommodating outdoor living spaces in Lakewood.

If you live in the Lakewood area, you are used to seeing stately homes, mature trees, and wonderful backyard spaces. If your older Lakewood home has a perfunctory stoop or underutilized concrete patio pad, call on Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake to build an updated, usable, and stylish outdoor living space. Allow us to build the perfect outdoor living space for your home and specific needs!

— Before – a humble stoop and sidewalk utilized for outdoor seating.

Are you looking for a deck builder for your Lakewood home? Contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living visions to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Front Porch Entryway and Backyard Pergola and Patio Transformation in Heath, TX

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake rejuvenates this beautiful home front to back!

— Front entryway boasts new Travertine in walnut and noche – so inviting!

When we saw this stately Heath, Texas home, we knew that we wouldn’t have to perform a total tear-down and re-build of their outdoor spaces. We simply saw a beautiful home in need of a few particular updates. This was not so much a story about a diamond in the rough, but more along the lines of polishing up what was already beautiful. For Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, it is not always about a total makeover, and this home is a testament to how the right design and materials and quality workmanship can bring outdoor areas up to par.

See more porches and covered patios by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake.

These Heath, TX homeowners were looking to breathe life back into what had become slightly outdated tile on their front porch entryway. The existing tile was very dark and had a very inorganic feel to it. The grid layout did not play well against the very organic feel of the multi-colored brick façade, and we worked to find a way to complement the saturated colors of the brick and the dark door and windows, without clashing or overpowering either. With that in mind, a combination of walnut and noche Travertine was the chosen medium. The mix of light and medium earth tones is a great way to create a whisper of pattern and movement without becoming too busy. We think you’ll agree that this home now has a warm and inviting front porch entryway.

— Random pattern mixing is a breeze with softly colored Travertine and is a winning combination for multi-colored brick.

When sun protection is a question, a custom pergola is always the answer.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a typical Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake project if we didn’t include backyard amenities updates, and that we did! As with the front of this classic brick home, the backyard was well-appointed but required resuscitation. We built a stand-out custom cedar pergola, which we stained dark walnut, in perfect contrast with lighter stone elements surrounding it. The pergola boasts standard 8”x 8” posts and beautiful chopped stone columns with flagstone tops. The same materials were used to build the seating wall on the exterior of the pergola, which will not only provide seating but also a bit of privacy. Decorative hardware provides the perfect ornamentation on the rustic-looking cedar. The pergola also has an oversized ceiling fan for maximum airflow on hot days!

— Cedar pergola with decorative brackets and oversized ceiling fan.

Stamp and stain custom patio brings harmony to the entire space.

We didn’t stop with just a pergola and seating wall, though! The home had an extensive aggregate concrete patio, accompanied by a tile patio in the covered areas. We replaced the concrete and extended the patio, all with stamp and stain. In the covered area, we removed the old tile and replaced it with a stamp and stain overlay to match the exterior patio expanse. The stamp was created with Roman Slate texture, with 4’ x 3’ custom cut tile. Each tile section was done by hand, and grinders were used to create the borders. We stained with an interior mix of bone and ivory and outlined the border in walnut stain for contrast.

— Stamp and stain patio brings the entire space together.

At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we can breathe life back into your aging or outdated outdoor amenities. If your home is classic, but your outdoor living areas are beginning to feel vintage, we can help. Call on us to take your aged finishes from expired to inspired!

If you have a beautiful home and outdoor living space that needs rejuvenation, such as entryway and backyard updates, contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living visions to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

It’s Never Just a Pergola – This Farmer’s Branch, TX Home Underwent a Major Transformation

Archadeck of NE Dallas – Southlake not only brought this home’s exterior façade anew but added comfort and energy savings to boot.

— Farmer’s Branch TX home before Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake began

Well, if this project doesn’t inspire change, we don’t know what will! These Farmer’s Branch homeowners were ready for a revamp and Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake metamorphosed this home’s exterior into a truly superior outdoor living space. That’s why we say, “It’s never just a pergola.” We constructed a beautiful pergola for this home, but we also upgraded exterior finishes, such as removing the original cedar siding and replacing it with 48” x 96” SmartSide panels. This, of course, modernized the exterior of the home, but is also a more energy efficient and low maintenance siding choice, when compared to traditional cedar! The new vertical siding kept with the original aesthetic, but the lighter finish brought about remarkable change. We love the stunning contrast between the cedar and the light gray exterior!

— Farmer’s Branch Pergola by Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake

See why we are the preferred Farmer’s Branch pergola builder

— Farmer’s Branch pergola with a cantilever design

This gorgeous structure was custom tailored for these Farmer’s Branch homeowners. The cedar custom pergola boasts standard 8”x8” posts, decorative brackets and bracing, and two ceiling fans for maximum comfort on hot summer days. For ensured driveway clearance, we provided a cantilever design, allowing the post to be set back eight feet. This pergola provides a beautiful and functional seating area, ideally situated by the pool with easy access to the inside of the home.

— Decorative brackets give great contrast against cedar

Each of our projects has its own challenges, and some might even be chiefly remembered for their challenges. On this Farmer’s Branch pergola project, however, we saw opportunity. We often speak of extending indoor spaces to the outdoors, but here we threw in a bit of the opposite. The back of the home features glass doors and windows with transoms, which allowed for a lot of natural light – and with that light, heat! Now that the shade of the pergola extends to the interior, these homeowners will benefit from a more comfortable indoor space on full-sun days and will see energy cost savings.

Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake is your premier Dallas patio builder

— Farmer’s Branch patio with a view

We didn’t stop with the pergola and exterior façade updates! We also provided a custom stamp and stain patio. We chose a flagstone stamp, and used two-color pecan and dark walnut stain to achieve a unique contrast that makes the flagstone pattern pop.

— Farmer’s Branch TX patio – custom stamp and stain

At Archadeck of NE Dallas Southlake, we aim to offer you an outdoor living space that will not only beautify your home but also add value to the way you live there – inside and out. With a custom-built patio and pergola, we can achieve a unique living area, no matter how you prefer to spend time in it. Pergolas are a fantastic solution to sweltering, full-sun days that you might otherwise spend indoors. Keep in mind the added benefits of shade on the exterior of your home, and how it might improve life inside.

Is your outdoor living space in the Dallas area in need of renewal with a gorgeous patio and pergola? Contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living visions to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

This Dallas Backyard Serves As A Blank Canvas For Outdoor Entertaining Artistry!

This Dallas, TX backyard undergoes a total transformation

— Dallas backyard before Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake began the project.

If you have ever purchased a home, you have likely weighed the advantages and disadvantages of having a spacious backyard. Seeing a large, open space right outside our back door can elicit visions of birthday parties, holiday cookouts, and other sorts of outdoor entertaining opportunities. It’s exciting to imagine all the memories we might make in our own backyard. At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, our job is to help you realize your vision, and build an outdoor living space tailored to your home and lifestyle. Recently, we helped these Dallas homeowners accomplish their ideal outdoor entertainment space with a custom covered patio with style and amenities abound!

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is the premier Dallas cabana builder

It all began with a blank slate but soon became so much more. This custom Dallas backyard cabana features a gable with hip roof, as well as an attached shed roof atop the eat-in space. Speaking of space, this cabana boasts separate areas for cooking, eating, and TV viewing and conversation. These homeowners can host outdoor dinner parties, without relying one iota on interior kitchen or dining amenities. The outdoor kitchen area includes a Turbo grill and freezer with stainless steel accessories, such as a towel holder and access panel with drawers. The kitchen is outfitted with extra electrical outlets for added convenience.

— Dallas outdoor kitchen and living combination.

— Cook, eat, and relax in this outdoor living combination.

This Dallas covered patio is a stunning example in outdoor living design. The gorgeous cabana ceiling is pine tongue and groove with oil-based walnut stain. To achieve dramatic contrast and a truly custom aesthetic, the cabana’s ceiling beams and support posts were stained dark chocolate. The stain and stamp patio floor was created with Ashlar slate stamp and platinum grey and charcoal stain. This treatment was also given to an existing adjacent patio. Coordinating Lueders stone was applied to kitchen worktops, fireplace mantel, and atop the stone columns. The outdoor fireplace, columns, and kitchen built-in vertical surface were all created with Granbury chopped stone, achieving perfect contrast with the warm, dark wood colors used in the structure. Three custom-laid flagstone walkways invite family and guests to this gorgeous outdoor living space.

If backyard entertaining is your goal, we want to be your Dallas cabana builder

— Dallas backyard cabana by Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake.

Softly colored wicker furnishings and blonde wood dining set lend themselves to a casual elegance. Two ceiling fans, a beautiful six-light chandelier, and four recessed can lights work in direct contrast with the lighter colors of the furniture, complementing the dark wood beams and will help cool and light the space when needed. Additional lighting is offered from multiple single-bulb light sconces attached to the wood posts. This living space really accomplishes the ideal in outdoor living, entertainment, and relaxation!

— Striking contrast in building materials and finishes create a custom outdoor living space.

You can view more images of this amazing project in our Houzz galleries.

Are you ready to transform your own backyard into the ultimate outdoor entertainment space with a Dallas backyard cabana? Contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living visions to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Agustin & Amanda Garza


A Space To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Fire & Food In Euless, TX!

When it comes to outdoor living, few things are as pleasurable as preparing food and dining outdoors with family and friends. That is – at least – until you consider the added ambiance an outdoor fireplace can provide. The crackle of a wood-burning fire on a cool evening, the hypnotic glow of embers and the aromas are all reason enough to consider the addition of a fire feature to your Dallas-Southlake-area backyard. And, having the convenience of an outdoor kitchen/grill area in close proximity, or located within, your outdoor living space isn’t too shabby either! Now, combine all the elements these two structures provide and their sum can be seen in our newest Euless, TX, outdoor design.

— Side and rear views of the project.

For this project, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake extended the homeowners existing patio with brushed concrete. In addition to the added outdoor living space, we also designed and built a custom outdoor kitchen with a grill top and bar area and majestic custom stone fireplace. There is even a spot above the fireplace’s mantel for hanging a flat screen so the homeowners can enjoy endless movie nights, sporting events and their favorite TV shows — don’t forget the popcorn!

The stone used to build the bar area and fireplace is all chopped Oklahoma stone with integrated Autumn Brown masonry bricks to match the home. We used native Lueders stone for all the horizontal surfacing. Since Lueders limestone originates from a well-established stone quarry in North Texas. Lueders stone has a range of colors and textures showcasing abundant neutral shades. For this project, we were able to choose a hue that complimented both the existing home and all the hardscape elements present in this design.

As a final touch to this already amazing new and improved outdoor oasis, the homeowners will be adding an Equinox pergola overhead in the weeks ahead. The addition of the pergola will add depth, dimension and shade options to their little slice of heaven in their Euless backyard!

Are ready to enjoy all your backyard has to offer? Contact Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake today to bring your outdoor living visions to life! Contact us today at 972-904-3325 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your design consultation.

Agustin & Amanda Garza


Large or Small-Scale Projects – We’ve Got You Covered!

Not all outdoor living projects are created the same, nor should they be!

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we understand that not all outdoor living needs are the same. Homes, families, and communities come in many shapes and sizes, and so do our projects. Many variables dictate the size of each project, and we are here to serve your specific requirements, understanding that every project will not be large in scale. Just because a project is small, though, does not mean that it doesn’t deserve the same planning, design, and attention to detail. We would like to help Northeast Dallas-Southlake families of all needs build the outdoor living space of their dreams. Allow our expertise in decks, patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fire features work for you!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, Your Dallas-Southlake Patio, Deck & Pergola Builder

1. How much would you like to spend on your new outdoor living space?

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we understand that projects first and foremost come with budgets in mind. Everyone has an idea of how much they can afford to spend, and we are here to accommodate those types of projects, as well as ones with much larger budgets. Maybe you would like a covered area, where you can spend warm-weather months outside without being in direct sunlight. If you cannot splurge on a large covered patio with an outdoor kitchen, consider a smaller-scale deck with a pergola area to protect you from the elements. Your project doesn’t have to be over-the-top – it must be what you prefer, for a price that you can afford. We’ve got you covered! We are a premier Dallas-Southlake pergola builder, and we have something for budget-minded clients like you.

2.How large is your home and existing outdoor living space?

If you live in an 8,000 square-foot home, obviously the size of your new outdoor living project will be larger, to complement the size of your home and property. But what if you live in a home that is 2,000 square feet, and you are limited by the size of your lot? Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake has you covered there too! We can design and build a covered patio, pergola, or outdoor fire feature project that will suit the size of your home and property. We will use our same high-quality products and expert planners and builders to help you achieve a superb small-scale outdoor living space of your dreams.

3. Does your homeowners’ association have building limits?

Many planned communities have homeowners’ associations that govern building additions – in size and materials used. It is incumbent on homeowners to research their HOA’s exact specifications before planning to build onto their homes. Many times, guidelines will call out types of acceptable building additions – covered patios, uncovered paver patios, pergolas, and the like might be required to be kept small, as to not draw attention or to fit the overall design guidelines of the community. If you live in such a community and must keep your outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace within a smaller size range, we can still help you plan and build an area the whole neighborhood will approve.

4. What’s your personal preference for outdoor living?

For smaller families, or older individuals, who do not wish to care for a large-scale outdoor living space, smaller projects are a must. If you do not host get-togethers or family reunions, you likely want a more quaint or private area for spending personal time outdoors. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can provide a small, solitary get-away right outside your back door. Sip your morning coffee in solitude or have a glass of wine with your thoughts in the evening hours on your small covered patio, or under your custom pergola on your new deck. If this sounds more to your liking, we can help! Your home and its surroundings are your sanctuaries, and your personal needs are paramount when planning a personalized space.

5. How much time will you be able to spend in your new outdoor living space?

We get it – folks are busy! Some of us work very long hours. We might not see the need for a large outdoor living area simply because it will have limited use, but that doesn’t mean that you are not deserving of a place of respite. You might be inclined to build a patio with a fireplace, where you can kick up your feet for relaxation after a long week at work or traveling for work. We all need a space to unwind and shed the stresses of the outside world. Imagine a Friday night with your significant other or best friend, having takeout food and wine, while watching the flames dance around in your new outdoor fireplace. Imagine reading the Sunday paper on a crisp Autumn morning in front of your custom fireplace. Some of us have only a few hours per week to spend in such reflection, and Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can provide a space to fit into those needs.

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we believe that size does matter! If you are looking for someone to build a custom, small-scale outdoor living space to suit your budget, lot size, or personal needs, we are here to help you on that journey. Contact us today at (972) 904–3325 or email us at [email protected].

Agustin & Amanda Garza

Revisiting our Rockwall, TX, Project For Phase 2 Completion

Do you remember the project in Rockwall, TX, featuring an exquisite covered patio and Flagstone outdoor fireplace?

If you frequent our blog, it is likely that this stunning outdoor living compilation was hard to forget. Earlier in the season, we chronicled the progress of this multi-phased project in the story This Rockwall, TX, covered patio and seating wall — celebration central — is just the beginning.

Now, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake invites you to join us as we revisit this project as phase 2 draws to a close…

The first phase of this design began with addition of the covered patio featuring a custom stone seating wall and outdoor fireplace. This second, and final phase, of the project entailed the addition of two custom cedar pergolas flanking either side of the covered patio connected by a pergola-styled breezeway across the back. The image (above), taken from the rear of the property really puts the scale of this outdoor living space into perspective:

Take a look at these images documenting the phases to completion:

The homeowners have already begun installing irrigation, pathways, planting herbs, ornamentals and other plant material within the pergola areas in order to fulfill their vision of a holistic backyard oasis!

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake wants you to know you don’t have to delay creating your ideal backyard retreat any longer. We offer a phased building program that allows you to construct your outdoor living space combination project in phases as your lifestyle and budget permit just as this project details.

Please allow us to explain how our phased building program works…

We start by working directly with you, the client, to put your vision of your ideal backyard retreat as the master plan including all structures to be incorporated within the design. With this complete project design in hand, phase one is selected. This typically is the portion of the design closest to the home, maximizing the structural anchoring of this entire space to the residence. As was the case with this project, phase one was the covered patio addition and fireplace which was closest to the home. A clear master plan allows us to work out engineering, designing and building specifics for your complete outdoor space in phases permitting more efficient future additions or amendments. To ensure a unified outdoor environment, the structural integrity, traffic flow and ultimate function of each portion of the structure are priority considerations during each phase of building. Additionally, the advance planning of your backyard design saves time and money as it enables us to work closely with any supplemental contractors you may need for this project (i.e. utility contractors, pool company or landscaper). As the homeowner, having this freedom to build your ideal backyard in stages makes it easier on your budget and lifestyle.

If you have a vision of your dream backyard but you’re not ready to complete it all at one time, our phased building program is the perfect answer. We can bring the backyard of your dreams to life one beautiful stage at a time!

Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904–3325 or email us at [email protected].

Agustin & Amanda Garza

Poolside Cabana Completes this Ultimate Backyard Getaway Spot in Heath, TX

If you have a pool at your home, then these photos are your inspiration for adding a poolside cabana with an outdoor kitchen, comfy seating, bar seating, television and outdoor fireplace. Oh my! This combination outdoor living project in Heath, TX, represents customized outdoor living at its finest, and we are thrilled to show it off to you.

These Heath, TX, homeowners had a beautiful pool complemented by gorgeous landscaping—don’t you just love those ornamental grasses! They wanted to create their own getaway location next to the pool by adding an outdoor kitchen and so much more … They called on Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake to design the perfect free-standing cabana to include everything but the kitchen sink. It literally has everything within it but the kitchen sink.

We are huge fans of anchoring an outdoor kitchen with a large stone fireplace. The clients chose to use the same stone, Oklahoma flagstone, throughout. Even the kitchen counter surface is made of flagstone, as is the bar. The patio floor is stain-and-stamp concrete using a flagstone pattern stamp. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful stain-and-stamp concrete patios we have built. The color of the patio picks up all the right notes from the flagstone used for the fireplace and outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen is complete with a smoker, a grill and a griddle surface, too. Would you like pancakes after your morning swim? The kitchen backsplash includes electrical outlets for blenders and the like. Would you like smoothies after your afternoon swim? What you can’t see in these photos is the refrigerator; it’s tucked under the bar, behind the comfy chairs. Would you like cocktails after your evening swim?

Topping off the cabana is a rich pine tongue-&-groove ceiling with exposed beams stained in dark chocolate. The roof is shingled to match the home. Lanterns on the dark chocolate posts at each corner and recessed lights in the ceiling, along with a ceiling fan, provide the necessary comforts. Family members and guests now have a shady outdoor room where they can escape the sun’s UV rays after swimming. And with a television in the midst of all this, no one will have to choose between enjoying the family barbeque and the watching the big game. There is always going to be a big game.

What would it take to create your ultimate backyard getaway? Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904–3325 or email us at [email protected].

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Dallas-area Homeowners Love New Exotic Hardwood Deck with Outdoor Kitchen and Fire Feature

Wow. The Before and After photos tell the whole story here. These Dallas, TX, homeowners went from having no place to put their grill to having a luxurious Ipe deck complete with an outdoor kitchen and fire feature. They more than doubled the size of their outdoor living space by adding this deck and outdoor kitchen combination to their existing covered porch.

The first thing we have to take a look at here is the beautiful deck made of Ipe, an exotic Brazilian hardwood pronounced “ee-pay.” Ipe, probably the most beautiful wood used for decks, has warm, rich tones and is known for its durability. This hardwood deck will stand up to heavy traffic, and Ipe will not decay. It is naturally rot and insect resistant. As a result, Ipe is longer-lasting than cedar and requires relatively little maintenance. If the homeowners want their deck to keep its original rich tones, they will need to seal it periodically or treat it with deck oil, but unlike softwoods, it will never require staining. If untreated, an Ipe deck will weather to a rich, silver patina.

Have you noticed the railing along the deck? At first you might think you see thin pickets or balusters, but take another look and you will see reflections in the balusters. That’s right, they are glass. This is the Fortress Pure View Railing, and you don’t have to worry about obstructing the view with this one!

Something else to notice on the deck are the tiny recessed deck lights on the stair risers. Hardly bigger than a thumbprint, these little LED lights provide enough illumination to increase safety on the steps without creating any glare or light pollution.

Our clients love to entertain, and they now have an outdoor kitchen with a Bull grill and a Big Green Egg smoker. For the base of the outdoor kitchen they selected white brick to match the home’s exterior—and doesn’t the white brick remind you of the very popular subway tile? The outdoor kitchen features granite countertops, but the star of the show has to be the 60" fire tray on the bar. Of course, the daytime photo doesn’t do it justice, so you’ll have to use your imagination. This fire feature is stunning at night.

The homeowners are pleased with the amount of space they have added to their outdoor entertaining area. While the original porch is covered, the deck is open to the stars, so they now have an open space when they want it and shade when they need protection from the sun or rain.

How can we transform your outdoor living space? Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904–3325 or email us at [email protected].

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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, Neither Should Your Dallas Outdoor Living Space Addition

Choosing a reliable, professional outdoor living structure company can be difficult. How can you really be sure you are choosing the right company for your project? Custom design and experience in the Dallas-Southlake market along with attention to quality and detail are all important factors to consider.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither should your anticipated outdoor living addition. Keep in mind, that quality and true craftsmanship require time and expertise. With this in mind, here are the top reasons choosing Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake for your outdoor living space endeavor is definitely worth the wait…

Better Building by Design

The design of an outdoor structure isn’t just about a layout and the build. It is a reflection of your personality. It is an extension of your outdoor lifestyle and how you imagine yourself and family living in the space. Choosing a builder that will custom design your project to match your needs down to every last detail will leave you thankful you waited.

Project Management

An outdoor living space project build has a lot of moving parts. With an experienced project manager, like Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, your build will progress smoothly and on schedule. In some cases, one of our specialized teams may have to be brought in to get part of the project completed. This can include plumbers, painters, electricians, roofing contractors among others. The right project management team will ensure your outdoor structure(s) are completed within the scheduled timeframe of your build.

High-Quality Builders

Research to find a professional Dallas patio, deck or porch builder is part of the due diligence process. What do the most trusted sites have to say about the company? Do their reviews hold up to the standard you’re looking for in a builder? In both instances, they absolutely should. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is proud of our 5-star Google review rating and our 5-star review rating on Houzz.

Enjoyment Past This Season

Getting your outdoor living space project completed in time to enjoy this season is a common concern. But what about next year’s outdoor living season and countless years to come? From graduations, bridal or baby showers to becoming the family gathering hub, this outdoor living space is going to be well-loved and appreciated year after year. So give it the time it deserves to be built right the first time and know that it is all worth the wait to get the perfect family space to enjoy for many years to come.

Understanding Restrictions Pertaining To Your Project

A set back in design or build can always have a solution if you’re working with the right professional builder. Archadeck’s national design team assists in the engineering of your project. Keeping your safety as the main focus, assistance to determine how much weight a column or beam can hold based off the soil in your yard is just one example of how the national design team lends a hand. As part of understanding your project timeline, know that we must submit architectural renderings and specifications to local permitting agencies, either city or county, depending on where you live. Sometimes we encounter delays at these agencies. The permitting process is unpredictable. If zoning issues arise, additional action is required.

We Are Looking Out For YOU!

No matter the project, know that you are in trusted hands with us. Your project will be backed by three national warranties. The first is the Workmanship Warranty which covers defects within the material used such as splitting, severe warping, leaking roofs or shifting patio pavers. The second warranty will cover defects within the structural components and is what we refer to as the Structural Warranty. Footings, patio base material, columns, beams and joint are a few structural components included on the warranty. Last but not least, any manufactured items will be covered under the terms of the Manufactured Warranty including pressure treated lumber, windows, pavers or any outdoor kitchen components.

Having the expertly-designed and quality-built outdoor oasis you have dreamed about is worth the wait! The most important timing factor for your new outdoor living project is when you first make the point of contact to schedule your design consultation. The sooner you start the process, the sooner your new patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, pergola (or combination of these) will be completed.

Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake Is Light Years Ahead Of The Competition When It Comes To Covered Porch & Patio Design

Are you looking for a backyard experience that laughs at the threat of rain or inclement weather? Or an outdoor living space that offers shade and respite from the hot Texas sun? A place where you and your family can gather in comfort to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors without the dangers of sunburn?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place. Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is your covered porch and patio expert. Many North Texas homeowners look for our guidance as to the type of porch or patio cover best suits their needs. Consulting an experienced builder, like Archadeck, is the key to success in this area. Your existing home’s structure will often dictate where we can tie in and what type of roof will work best for your project. Existing roof lines, dormers, windows, bump out areas such as bay windows and many other factors are considered as part of our design suggestion.

When considering a roofed addition of any kind you have to consider the potential for loss of light in your home. A screened porch may reduce the amount of natural light that enters your home. Take into consideration how much light you want within your porch and what means you wish to use to obtain that light. To secure the flow of natural light that flows into your home, you may consider one or more skylights if you want to reduce the amount of light you lose within the rooms adjacent to your new addition. Our recent covered patio addition in Garland, TX, does just that — the space features four (4) skylights in the design.

The skylights allow light to not only flow into the home but also into the patio itself. This allows for valuable illumination when using the grill and smoker area, which we also custom built for the space.

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake is a national company. Our engineers’ design all the structural details of how each project is to be built whereas a lot of companies let the carpenters make the decision. In the field is where theory turns to practicality and having the right contractor can ensure the integrity of your new porch and your existing home. The goal is to have a cohesive design that looks original to your home. A successful project ends with a quality structure that harmonizes with all the elements of your home and landscape.

Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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Understanding Your Outdoor Living Project Timeline...

Everyone has heard that old advice about buying real estate and how location means everything. Seasoned realtors are known to tout Location, location, location when showing prospective properties to clients. At Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we offer some comparable advice when it comes to the planning and construction of a new outdoor living space to your home and that is Timing, timing, timing.

Naturally, many people think of building outdoor projects during the outdoor living season, when the weather is nice and they want to spend time outside, but sometimes it can be challenging to hire a quality contractor during this time. Choosing to secure your project details early has many advantages. That is why I am often stumped when a customer has their preliminary plan in place and says we will just wait to sign their contract in order to confirm moving ahead with their project.

From our experience as an outdoor living space designer and builder, procrastinating to begin your project can mean waiting longer to enjoy your finished space. Any reputable contractor will have some lead time before they can begin construction on your project. In addition, there are many timing factors that are beyond our control and moving ahead will prevent less hold up of your anticipated project.

The timing factors you cannot control


When you sign a contract with us to build your project, we will add your project to our construction schedule. Keep in mind that we have other jobs underway in the NE Dallas and Southlake areas. This means more projects, with signed contracts, which are scheduled to begin in the order they are confirmed.

Before we build anything, we work with you to design the outdoor living space you’ve dreamed of. The design process may take several iterations from rough sketches to polished 3-D renderings. Some clients think of elements they want to add or change each time they see a new version of their design. That’s okay because it’s your home. But each change must go back through the drafting department to get added to the architectural renderings.

When the design is finalized, we also finalize all of your material choices including the type and color of pavers, woods, decking boards; specific stone selections planters, seating walls or fireplace; porch ceilings, railings, pillars and beams, etc. Knowing what materials you want enables us to give you an exact quote for your project. At that point we can sign the contract and schedule the job.


We must submit architectural renderings and specifications to local permitting agencies, either city or county, depending on where you live. Sometimes we encounter delays at these agencies. The permitting process is unpredictable. If zoning issues arise, additional action is required. You may have to meet with a zoning board, and you must get on their calendar a certain number of days in advance of their meeting. If you just miss getting on the agenda, you may have to wait a month until the next zoning board meeting.

HOA approval

Does your community or neighborhood require Homeowners Association approval of your construction plans? How often does this group meet, and how far in advance do you need to notify them of your plans?

Materials delivery

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake special orders many of the materials we use from reliable vendors we have worked with for years. Many of the desired materials are not available at your nearby home improvement stores or, in some cases, we can get much better prices through our vendors. While we can usually predict when materials will arrive, every now and then we encounter delays.


Despite the Dallas and Southlake areas mild climate, every season has its share of bad-weather days that can set a construction schedule back. Mother Nature is unpredictable.

As you have gathered from the details outlined above, you cannot call a contractor in May to build a project you plan to start enjoying that same month. With so many factors beyond your — and our — control, the timing works out best if you begin planning farther ahead.

— Isn’t it time you called Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake and start living the outdoor lifestyle you deserve?

The most important timing factor for your new outdoor living project is when you first make the point of contact schedule your design consultation. The sooner you start the process, the sooner your new patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, pergola (or combination of these) will be completed. That’s why you should go ahead and get started now, while spring is fresh in the air. Before you know it, summer will be here! If you take steps now to begin setting up the project, you’ll be showing off your new outdoor living space in no time at all!

Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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When A Deck Is More Than Just A Deck...

Here at Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, we know that your outdoor living space is more than just a space. It is an area where you will gather with family and friends to create cherished memories, it is your go to spot for relaxation and an area that improves the value of your home along with your quality of life. With this in mind, we want to explore why our custom designed and built decks are more than just decks…

Dallas Low-Maintenance Decks

Whether you are inquiring about redecking an existing deck or want to build a new deck singularly or as part of an outdoor living combination space, we have a large menu of decking material options. Many Dallas and Southlake-area residents are making the change from wood to low-maintenance synthetic decking. These include composite, vinyl and PVC. As your Dallas deck builder, we get many requests for this type of decking because of their longevity and to reduce the amount of maintenance these decks require.

Fortress decking is one of the low-maintenance decking brands we offer at Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake.

This recent poolside deck and outdoor kitchen addition in Southlake, TX, was built with Fortress low-maintenance composite decking. The Fortress decking boards are capped on all four sides to protect against mold and moisture—making it the perfect material for a poolside deck.

Dallas Wooden Decks

Wooden decks remain the traditional choice for deck building. Wood is still a beautiful and sturdy choice. We do offer select-grade pressure treated Pine for wooden deck projects. We also offer the Brazilian hardwood Ipe, along with other upscale hardwoods for our deck designs.

Dallas Deck Amenities

Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake prides itself on creating truly unique one-of-a-kind decks. Our decks not only address your specific functionality goal and harmonize with your existing Dallas or Southlake-area home and landscape, they also turn heads because they just aren’t your typical deck addition.

Your new or upgraded Dallas deck design doesn’t end with choosing the type of decking you’d like either. Customizing your deck means big design decisions such as staircase position and style, railing color & type and skirting. Taking you custom deck a step farther, there are more design amenities available to improve the livability and aesthetics of your structure, these include but are not limited to privacy screens, integrated deck lighting, pergolas, planters, built-in seating, custom fire features, outdoor kitchens and more!

Contact us today for a design consultation— the call and the consultation is free, but the benefits you will get from your new deck or outdoor living space or combination project are priceless! You can reach us at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake Overcomes Design Challenge to the Delight of Las Colinas TX Homeowners

Every now and then we see an outdoor living space that is so beautiful we wonder how the homeowners can tear themselves away to go back into the house. This combination project in the Los Colinas area of Irving, TX, consisting of an outdoor fireplace and large pergola, is one such project.

Credit for this amazing project is to be shared between the homeowners, for their beautiful patio décor, and Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake, for our beautiful fireplace and pergola design. Together we made a great team!

The homeowners’ patio was already in place, and our job was to build an outdoor fireplace at the edge of the patio and a large cedar pergola for shade overhead. The design challenge we encountered was at the point where one of the pergola’s posts would have stood too close to the clients’ back door. So we made some adjustments, resulting in an unusual pergola, but the pergola itself is so beautiful you hardly notice there’s something different about it.

Typically we design a pergola with a horizontal shade structure overhead supported by a post at each of the structure’s four corners. In this case, one of the pergola’s corners is fairly close to the home’s back door. If we had built a post there, it would have made passage through the back door difficult. Not impossible, but difficult. We tinkered with the pergola design until we hit upon a solution: move the post away from the pergola’s corner.

If you look closely at the photographs, you can see that one of the posts is 5 feet away from the corner it’s supporting. That portion of the pergola’s horizontal structure is cantilevered above the point where it approaches the back door. It works!

The cedar pergola features iron vintage-inspired hardware and is supported by beefy 8×8″ cedar posts with an Oklahoma chopped stone column around the base of each post.

We built the wood-burning outdoor fireplace with Oklahoma chopped stone topped with chocolate Lueders stone for the hearth, the mantel and the angled pieces. The 45-degree angles and the picture framing above the mantel accentuate the fireplace and represent a Chapel fireplace design. The back of the fireplace is tied into the patio’s existing retaining wall.

As finishing touches, we installed a ceiling fan under the pergola, and the homeowners added festival string lighting for ambiance across the top of the pergola. You can see more imagery of this beautiful project, and more, in our Houzz galleries.

Can we solve an especially interesting outdoor living design challenge for you? If you want to add a pergola, outdoor fire feature or another amazing outdoor living structure to your home, contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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Two Outdoor Kitchen Projects Deliver Maximum Poolside Pleasure

Alright, all of you pool people out there, do you agree with the following statement? While pools can be considered the ultimate luxury outdoor living space, the pool itself cannot carry the whole space. A patio or deck, a place to cook, a place to eat, a place to sit and watch the swimmers or sit and gaze into the shimmering water while the sun dances on its surface … All of these elements work together with a beautiful pool to create a deluxe outdoor living space. The pool does not stand alone.

We recently completed two projects in the Northeast Dallas area where we were able to provide the perfect poolside accommodations, one a deck and the other a stain-and-stamp concrete patio, and both with outdoor kitchens. Both projects turned out to be fabulous, and we would like to share the details with you.

Poolside Deck and Outdoor Kitchen Addition in Southlake, Texas

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake designed and built this stunning custom poolside deck and outdoor kitchen. The Southlake, TX, homeowners had no defined outdoor living space prior to this huge project. Apart from installing the in-ground pool, the concrete pool surround and the pool area gate, we handled the entire project.

For the bi-level deck we used Fortress low-maintenance composite decking with a picture- frame border. These Fortress decking boards are capped on all four sides to protect against mold and moisture—the perfect material for a poolside deck. The decking is also resistant to scratches, stains and warping. The homeowners chose the Tiger Cove color for the field of the deck and Capetown Gray for the deck’s border, an appealing contrast.

We were able to integrate a tree into the deck design, and the seating wall we built around that tree also serves as a planter. We designed one end of the deck as an outdoor kitchen built with chopped Oklahoma stone. Don’t you love that 8" stone backsplash? We left a space in the outdoor kitchen specifically for the homeowners’ grill.

Additional details to look for in the deck design include the solid board skirting that conceals the underside of the deck, integrated deck lighting on the stair risers and the black wrought iron sliding gate at the top of the deck stairs. We custom-installed this gate to match the homeowner-installed gate around the pool area. The under-deck area, used as dry storage, provides access to the gas line for the outdoor kitchen and the electrical wiring for the deck lighting.

This deluxe outdoor living project also included a softscape component. Along the side of the deck we installed Indian Hawthorn shrubs and Jasmine, both of which will produce flowers and attract pollinators.

Finally, please take a moment to admire the homeowners’ amazing uptown fire table!

Patio Enhancement and Outdoor Kitchen Addition in Keller, Texas

Our project at this Keller, TX, home included updating the existing covered patio, replacing the ceiling over the patio and adding an outdoor kitchen. We also extended the patio as far as we could until we hit a wall. The patio extension is not covered by a roof, perfect for those times when the homeowners want to sit in the sun. The comfortable seating in the extended patio area provides a place to sit and keep an eye on the swimmers nearby.

The homeowners wanted to update the patio floor with stain and stamp concrete. They selected a bone and walnut color for the stain, a Roman slate pattern for the stamp and a darker walnut stain to create a patio border.

For the outdoor kitchen addition, we were able to match the brick that was used in building the home. Don’t you love the brick herringbone pattern we used in the kitchen design? You can tell we custom-design each of our outdoor living projects, because this outdoor kitchen design is unique! The outdoor kitchen includes a grill, a Big Green Egg smoker and a refrigerator. The counters are made of smooth Lueders stone in chocolate.

Don’t forget to look up! We updated the patio ceiling as well, removing the original HardiePlank ceiling and replacing it with a beautiful tongue-and-groove pine ceiling.

Both of these families, one in Southlake and one in Keller, TX, are thrilled with their new, deluxe outdoor living spaces. Having ample room to relax near the pool with a stylish and super-functional outdoor kitchen sets their summer off to a great start.

Take a look at the amazing before & after images:

— Before & after of Southlake project.

— Before & after of Keller project.

If you’re interested in a Dallas outdoor kitchen as part of your outdoor living space, we can work with you to design the space you desire. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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Dallas loves Pergolas and Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake Loves Designing and Building Them

If you’ve been hearing more about pergolas lately, there’s a good reason for that. Pergolas are all the rage in outdoor living designs because they can be beautiful and serve several different functions. Have you been thinking about incorporating a pergola into your outdoor space? If so, Dallas pergola builder Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake can work with you to design a custom pergola just right for your home.

We look at pergolas from two points of view: beauty and function. What’s great is we can combine beauty and function in your custom pergola design. You don’t have to choose between the two!

The Beauty of Dallas Cedar Pergolas

Cedar is the pergola wood of choice for Dallas-area homeowners. Besides being incredibly beautiful, cedar doesn’t have to be stained. Unfinished, it weathers to a silver-gray color over time, so if that’s not the color you want, you can choose to stain or paint the wood or use a deck sealer with UV protection. (It’s the sun’s UV rays that bleach cedar to silver-gray.) Cedar resists rot and decay, and the oils in cedar that give off the lovely cedar aroma are unattractive to insects.

The Pergola’s Many Functions


The traditional reason homeowners add a pergola to their outdoor living space is for the shade it can provide. Right from the start, here is an opportunity to get creative. As the homeowner, you’ll need to decide how much shade you desire. An open and airy design will allow the most light. Your Archadeck design consultant can show you how widening or narrowing the placement of the pergola’s slats and rafters will increase or decrease the amount of shade it casts. For maximum shade in the earlier and later parts of the day, you’ll want to orient the pergola in a north-south direction. You’ll still get full sun in the middle of the day.

Rain and sun protection

For a rain barrier, and to screen out the sun’s UV rays, we can add a Polygal cover on top of the pergola structure. The downside is that you’ll lose some of the natural light a pergola usually lets in. Covered pergolas are especially popular near the swimming pool. The covered pergola will provide respite from the beating sun for anyone who has spent too much time in the pool.


While a pergola alone won’t provide very much privacy, we can attach a vertical privacy screen to accomplish that. The privacy screen can be made of matching cedar and can be as ornamental as you like. Because we’re custom designing it for you, the possibilities are limitless. Privacy screens can have a lattice pattern, or shutters, or alternating wood slats that allow more air flow than a solid fence would.

Extension of a back porch or patio area

If you want a larger porch or patio area, and the area is covered by a roof, we can add a pergola that extends from the roof outward to enlarge your defined space. It’s the perfect middle ground for those who don’t want to sit in a dim area under a fully-covered porch but also don’t want to relax in full sun. We do want to caution you, however, that adding a pergola so close to the house will reduce the amount of natural light coming in through the windows.

Design element

There are so many ways a pergola can enhance the overall design of your space. If you place a pergola at the edge of your outdoor living space, the eye perceives that as a boundary defining the area. We can also build a pergola to anchor a deluxe outdoor living space where deck, patio and outdoor kitchen need some element to draw them together as a whole. Without visually tying it all together, an outdoor kitchen or dining area can look lost. A pergola added to a patio becomes a vertical element giving dimension to an otherwise flat space.

Transition element

A pergola can serve as an elegant transition or gateway piece leading from one area into another. It defines the space is if to say, “Over here is the patio with a dining space, and if you come through here you’ll arrive at the pool area.”

Focal point

A custom pergola can show off your personal style. Combining natural design elements, wood and stone, is a beautiful statement in itself. We Texans love natural elements throughout our custom outdoor living spaces. Try adding a stone bench with planters or a statue under the pergola as a stunning focal point.

Outdoor room

Placing a hammock or swing under a pergola turns that space into an enticing outdoor room all on its own. We have seen pergolas wired for lighting, ceiling fans and even speakers. Why not create the space you need to unwind and relax?

We hope you’ll agree with us that a pergola can take outdoor living to another level in a number of ways. These versatile structures can add dimension, rustic charm or elegance to any outdoor space.

At Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, we welcome any project, large or small. Whether you’re creating a deluxe outdoor living design from scratch or you simply want to add a pergola to your existing space, we would love to design a pergola that fulfills your purpose. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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New Stain and Stamp Concrete Patio in Forney, TX, Sports a Stunning Bi-Level Pergola

Specialized patio builder Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake asks, when does a patio and pergola combination need three ceiling fans? When it’s three times as long as the typical patio and pergola combination, that’s when!

These Forney, TX, homeowners wanted a bigger and better patio, and they also wanted a pergola after admiring one at their neighbor’s house. Previously all they had in the way of an outdoor living space was a plain builder-grade concrete patio. They knew they would get more use out of a larger patio, and they definitely wanted something that looked better than plain poured concrete.

For the patio design, they selected a flagstone pattern stamp and chose slate-gray concrete with a charcoal stain. Stained and stamped concrete has texture and depth that makes it infinitely more visually appealing than unadorned poured concrete. The larger patio gives the homeowners room for their grill, an eight-seat dining table and a pair of rocking chairs.

For shade over the patio, we designed a stunning cedar bi-level pergola with 2×8″ double beams and 2×8″ joists giving it a beefy look. It’s called “bi-level” because the center section is raised higher than the other two sections. Raising the center section makes the pergola look energetic, yet graceful. If you look closely you can see the decorative metal hardware at the top and bottom of the 6×6″ posts. The ends of the beams, joists and rafters feature a legacy cut.

A porch roof would provide more shade than a pergola does, but it would also reduce the amount of natural light coming into the home through the living room windows. The homeowners love the bi-level pergola design because it changes the play of light on the interior of the home. For light outdoors in the evening, the three ceiling fans have light fixtures with dimmers.

The homeowners love everything about this project and can’t say enough good things about their Dallas patio and pergola builder, Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake. Here is how they described our work in a review they posted on Houzz:

“We had an excellent experience with Archadeck of Northeast Dallas from the first meeting until the project was complete. During construction, we were given suggestions about enhancements such as putting dimmers on the lights, installing French drains for better water drainage, and making accommodations now for future electrical plans so that the work we were having done wouldn’t have to be disturbed in order to install landscape lighting later. We never felt like we were being “up-sold” or pressured before or during the construction process. We were impressed with this company’s attention to detail, their time management, work ethic, workmanship, fair pricing, personal service, and post-project follow-up. I can confidently, in good conscience, recommend Augustine, the owner, and his crew to plan and complete your construction project whether it is large or small. You can have confidence that your project is being built correctly and without any corners being cut. You will enjoy the results for many years. Five stars all around for Archadeck of Northeast Dallas. Don’t let the “Northeast” part in the business’ name deter you from contacting them. They work all over the Dallas area and beyond."

We love receiving great reviews on social media and couldn’t be more thrilled with the way this unique project turned out!

If you’re interested in a Dallas patio and pergola combination, we can work with you to design the outdoor living space you desire. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

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Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake has a concrete stain and stamp patio just for you

What if we told you that your new Dallas patio could look as great as those expensive flagstone or paver patios you’ve seen, but for a significantly lower price? What if we showed you the photos to prove it?

It’s true. Here at Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, one of our most popular outdoor living designs is the concrete stain and stamp patio. Have you seen it? Let us introduce you to the unique ways you can customize the design of your concrete patio to give it the look you want — from simple and elegant to bold or over the top.

— Stained concrete patio in Rockwall, TX.

We’ll find your color — or we’ll create it.

What’s fun is that we have quite a few colors and designs to choose from. In the realm of Dallas stain and stamp patios, we operate Patio Central. We won’t stop trying to please you until we get exactly the right combination of color and stamp design. Since concrete is very mobile, colors can be hand blended on site in addition to the color that has already been added to the concrete mix.

— Beautiful stained concrete patio in Coppell, TX, features a Roman Slate stamp pattern with Bone & Walnut stain. We used extra Walnut concrete stain to achieve the desired hue the homeowner had in mind.

We also have an ace up our sleeve that other Dallas patio builders don’t. We have a concrete expert on our team who is an excellent resource when it comes to getting the color stain the client is looking for. We aren’t going to tell you his name or where you can find him. Only we know.

The stain and stamp patio is like a chameleon; you can make it blend in by matching it to the color of its surroundings, or you can make it stand out by choosing a contrasting color and style.

Will you look to nature for your stamp pattern?

When you consult with our Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake patio designer, we’ll show you a variety of stamp patterns in our portfolio, with photos of completed projects. We have over a dozen stamp styles, even three different versions of cobblestone patterns. If the patterns we have don’t completely satisfy you, we can create a custom stamp design for your patio.

With the stain and stamp process, a concrete patio can mimic natural materials such as slate and flagstone. Stamping can also mimic the popular paving stones on the market today. Whatever design you choose, you can have the look of pavers or natural stone without the expense. Or, you can go in a different direction and work with us to design a unique stamp. We can’t guarantee it will remain unique forever, because when future clients see it in our portfolio of finished projects, they’ll probably want to use it, too.

— This stain & stamp custom patio in Celina, TX, was built using a flagstone stamp with terracotta, black, and pecan tan stain.

Advantages of stamped concrete:

• Because of its unique texture and variations, some would argue stamped concrete is more ornate than a stone or paver patio and ranks higher on the “wow” scale.
• Stain and stamp patios are very low maintenance.
• The concrete patio can be sealed for added protection from the elements and pool chemicals.
• Sealing requirements: stain and stamp patios only need to be maintained (sealed) about every 10 years if the patio is in direct sunlight. It can hold up longer without maintenance if the patio’s location is in shade.

If you’ve been looking into Dallas concrete patios and want to venture into the world of stain and stamp patios, we can work with you to design the look you want for your outdoor living space. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

Agustin & Amanda Garza

This Rockwall, TX, covered patio and seating wall — celebration central — is just the beginning

If ever there was an outdoor living space that says “Come join the celebration,” this is the one. Premier covered patio builder Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake does it up right for these Rockwall, TX, homeowners near Dallas.

The homeowners’ goal was to jazz up the back yard and provide a setting conducive to the jazzed-up outdoor lifestyle they envision. As you can see from the “Before” photo, their back yard was a blank canvas for this bold outdoor living project. All they had originally was a tiny concrete walk-out patio outside the back door.

— Before (right) and after (left)

The “After” photos show this home transformed — and we’re just getting started. Seen here is Phase 1 of this Rockwall outdoor living project. Phase 1 includes the stained concrete patio, the grand patio cover, the magnificent stone outdoor fireplace and a generous stone seating wall that lines three sides of the patio. The space lends itself to everything from intimate dinners beside a glowing fire to an energetic night of dancing.

The concrete patio surface features a simple walnut stain; the homeowners opted not to have the concrete stamped with a design. Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake built a sturdy patio cover to provide shelter from the sun and rain. From the outside, the roof of the patio cover blends right in with the original roof on the home, so it doesn’t give the appearance of being added on. Looking up from below, the patio cover has a pine tongue-and-groove ceiling stained with a rich, dark walnut stain. The great beams and posts supporting the roof also feature the dark walnut stain.

We used Oklahoma Flagstone to build the wood-burning fireplace and the seating wall that extends around the patio. The top of the stone seating wall is covered with a smooth Leuders limestone in chocolate. The simple, elegant fireplace mantel is made of walnut.

The homeowners are already enjoying their new covered patio. It’s an inviting outdoor living space that’s especially alluring at night with a glowing fire, subtle lighting from the ceiling fixtures and perhaps a few strategically placed candles.

How much better can it be? Oh, just wait. For Phase 2, Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake will add three pergola structures, one to each side and one across from the fireplace. The homeowners’ extensive landscaping plan even includes an herb garden. We’ll return with more photos when Phase 2 is complete.

Do you want to add an amazing covered patio or other outdoor living structure to your Northeast Dallas area home? We can work with you to design the outdoor space you’ve been thinking about. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake today at (972) 904 – 3325 or email [email protected].

Agustin & Amanda Garza,

Amazing combination outdoor living space takes this Rockwall back yard from boring to roaring!

How do you take your back yard from boring to roaring – and by roaring, we mean lots of good times and family fun – in Rockwall, TX? You call Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake, that’s how! For Dallas custom patios, Archadeck will not disappoint you.

We realize it may sound odd to say that a beautiful home with a backyard swimming pool was less than lively, but the Before and After pictures may prove the case. The home had a small elevated deck overlooking the pool, and there was a concrete paved area around the pool, accessible from the home’s back door. But … where was the party? Where would you gather to sit, cook out, eat, watch sports on TV and blend up a batch of cocktails?

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake specializes in covered patios, along with several other types of outdoor living structures. We met with these Rockwall homeowners and listened to their ideas as they described what they wanted in their dream outdoor living space. To sum it up, they wanted a poolside place where they could entertain and spend time comfortably outside. We designed a covered patio that fulfilled all of their desires including an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen with bar seating, and room for comfy rattan recliners so they can watch the games on their large-screen TV. Outdoors. On the patio. Poolside. Yes!

That should liven things up!

With several components working together to create the perfect outdoor space, this project is considered a combination outdoor living project, our favorite kind.

The custom stone outdoor fireplace, which is gas burning, was built using 4" Oklahoma Stone with soldier borders and chocolate natural Lueders limestone tops. Stunning, right?!

The outdoor kitchen features a grill, storage and a unique cutting board where you can brush debris into a hole and directly into the trash. Talk about convenient! We also added plenty of electrical outlets for the homeowners’ blender and such… Adjacent to the grill and countertop is a long stretch of bar where you can pull up a chair and chow down. There are even two sets of bar seating – one group facing the pool and the other facing the TV. Take your pick!

Be sure to take a look at the patio floor, too – a concrete floor finished with a stain-and-stamp method using a Roman slate textured stamp and bone walnut stain. Durable and attractive.

You may notice, when you compare the Before and After photos, that we had to remove the elevated deck in order to build this covered patio design. However, we didn’t want to take the view away from family members in the second-story playroom; they enjoyed being able to look out at the pool below. So we replaced the sliding glass doors up there with a picture window that serves the same purpose. View saved!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake received two wonderful compliments specifically about this custom covered patio and combination outdoor living project in Rockwall, TX. The first was from our peers in the Archadeck franchise system, who voted to give this project the Archadeck Design Excellence Award in the Porch/Outdoor Room category.

The second was from these happy Rockwall homeowners, who posted this glowing review on our Houzz profile:

Archadeck did a fantastic job! They truly made our dream come true. Working with the Archadeck family was the best experience one could have. They are all very professional and personal when it comes to getting the job done. Everything went like clockwork and was done in a timely manner.

We could not ask for higher praise than that! Any client who posts a great review of our work, whether it’s on Houzz, Google, Facebook, etc., is forever our favorite client.

Do you want to add an amazing covered patio or combination outdoor living space to your Northeast Dallas area home? We can work with you to design your dream outdoor space. Contact Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake at (972) 904 – 3325 or email us today.

Agustin & Amanda Garza,
Owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake

Come see Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake at the Texas Home & Garden Show!

If you’re like us, you can’t wait for longer days of warm sunshine and the fun that comes with it. There is nothing quite like being able to relax in beautiful weather, and we want to make that the best experience possible with the perfect outdoor living arrangements.

Whether you are starting from scratch and don’t know where to begin, or upgrading an outdoor living space that you already love, we are here to help. We are bringing top advisors to this year’s Spring Dallas Texas Home & Garden Show to talk with you about all of your deck, patio, and outdoor living space needs. This year marks the 39th-anniversary of this event as the premier destination for all your home and garden needs.

As your Dallas outdoor living design and build experts, we strive to create the most customizable outdoor living spaces to fulfill your needs and desires. Every aspect of our patio, deck and porch designs can be catered to fit your needs, from the size, materials and type of addition down to the trim.

Come to this year’s Spring Dallas Texas Home & Garden Show to learn more about what we do! You won’t want to miss the unique opportunity to speak face to face with the Dallas outdoor living space experts. This event is going from March 2nd to March 4th, 2018 at Dallas Market Hall. Showtimes are as follows:

Friday, 3/02/2018 2 PM – 7 PM
Saturday, 3/03/2018 10 AM – 7 PM
Sunday, 3/04/2018 11 AM – 5 PM

You can find Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake in booth #328. Our talented design team will be there to answer any questions and to kick-start your anticipated project. Our top priority is to create an outdoor living space that is everything you were looking for, and more! We can’t wait to help you start living the outdoor lifestyle you deserve!

Want to start planning now? Give us a call at (972) 904-3325, or email us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake

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