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Outdoor Enjoyment Is A Breeze Anytime With Eze-Breeze®


Would you like the luxury of making your screened porch usable during all seasons, and in all weather?

Good news! With the Eze-Breeze® porch system, you can make your screened porch an all-access, all-enjoyment, anytime outdoor room!

Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake has had great success in using this system as a way for homeowners to gain more time enjoying their screened porch. Through the use of an Eze-Breeze® convertible enclosure system, we can easily convert your existing screen porch into a multi-season outdoor room, or we can add Eze Breeze into the initial design on any new screened porch project you have in mind.

Dallas Eze-Breeze® Three Season Rooms

Three season rooms take the benefits of a screened porch a step further by using this convertible panel system that allows you to use screens or clear panels as you see fit. Let’s face it, sometimes you want the freedom of the screen but you don’t want the negative things that can still get through that screen. Screens keep out the insects and the harmful direct rays of the sun, but pollen and other allergens can still penetrate screen, as does the wind, cold, heat, high humidity and in some instances even a little rain.


In most cases, an Eze Breeze outdoor room is a substantial saving over the addition of a sunroom. Additionally, you do not need to insulate, apply a termite treatment, vapor barrier, heat or air condition so the overall cost is much less than that of a room addition.

Out of all the outdoor living space designs we build here in the Dallas and Southlake area, outdoor rooms promote livability in spite of what Mother Nature may throw your way. Some of the outdoor room we specialize in are screened porches, 3 season rooms, and Eze-Breeze outdoor rooms. Often, our outdoor rooms are designed as part of an outdoor living combination space that can include a deck, patio, outdoor fireplace or other structure.

Take a look at this outdoor living combination space Archadeck of NE Dallas-Southlake designed and built. The project includes a custom stain & stamp covered patio with a pergola-style roof and outdoor kitchen, an Eze-Breeze 3-season room with an outdoor fireplace within and custom walkways.



Benefits of Choosing an Eze-Breeze System


Eze Breeze gives you the flexibility to have a screen porch or a sunroom on a whim! By simply stacking the windows at the bottom or the top of the porch, or simply removing them altogether. A sunroom will not provide nearly as much ventilation, free airflow or allow you to choose an open-air/ enclosed environment on a moments notice.

Stunning Views


Requires minimal framing which means it delivers large, unobstructed views. Sure, a sunroom will provide similar views through the use of large picture windows, but with this system you also get the benefit of free airflow anytime you wish.


Eze Breeze windows are made of tough vinyl, not glass, and will not shatter or crack, and will revert back to their original form when compromised, including the occasional “pop fly” that may get away when enjoying that backyard baseball game.

Convenient and Functional


This system will go up or down and stop at any point to give you as much or little open window space as you desire. The choice is always yours!


As your Dallas and Southlake-area premier 3-season porch builder we are pleased to offer the Eze-Breeze® porch system. Give us a call at 972-904-3325, or via email to learn more.

— Agustin & Amanda Garza,
Owners Archadeck of Northeast Dallas-Southlake

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